15 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Google Plus

Google Plus is becoming one of the most important social media sites out there. The reason for this is quite obvious -it’s run by Google! It figures that the world’s dominant search engine would stack things in their own favor, right? That’s why if you’re not using Google Plus, now would be a great time to start. One of the best ways to keep up on the latest news and tips for Google Plus is to follow some brilliant minds on Twitter. Here are 15 accounts to get you started!

1. Matt Cutts @mattcutts

It only makes sense that Matt Cutts, one of the leading Google talking heads, would be a good person to follow on Twitter. While he talks about all things related to Google and SEO, lots of what he covers is relevant to Google Plus.

2. 9to5Google @9to5Google

9to5Google is one of the leading blogs that provide up-to-the-minute information on everything to do with Google Plus. Their Twitter account is also very active. I highly recommend you follow their tweets to help you stay in the loop.

3. Brian Hawkins @HotBlogTips

Brian Hawkins runs a popular blog called Hot Blog Tips that is especially useful when it comes to social media advice. Following him on Twitter is recommended for keeping up with the latest Google Plus and other social media news.

4. Mike Blumenthal @mblumenthal

Mike Blumenthal is an expert on local Google marketing. His tweets will keep you informed on Google Plus as well as Facebook and other types of local marketing.

5. A Googler @google

This is straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say. Google’s own Twitter account is a must to follow if you want to know what the search engine giant is up to.

6. MG Siegler @parislemon

MG Siegler is a columnist at TechCrunch and an expert on all things related to technology and social media. His tweets are very informative when it comes to keeping up with social media happenings.

7. Social Media Examiner @SMExaminer

Social Media Examiner is a blog and Twitter account that provides many useful tweets every day pertaining to social media, Google Plus, marketing for small businesses and much more.

8. Berrie Pelser @BerriePelser

Berrie Pelser is very knowledgeable about using various social media strategies to increase your reach and influence. He posts lots of tweets about Google Plus and other social media platforms.

9. Mashable Social Media @mashsocialmedia

Mashable is a huge name in the

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