1st New Website Just Reached Page One – Hurray to Google!

On March 31st I wrote a blog post called How to Generate Multiple Leads From Multiple Websites. Basically, I was going to go on a little website adventure.

By splitting all of my services into separate websites, I was hoping to generate multiple leads from multiple websites. Each of them will have an incredibly focused message.

I would also name the new website after a keyword which gets at least 100 searches per month. My first target was the Small Business Web Design Company. And… now I have an update.

The Small Business Web Design Company website is on page one of Google:

 Small Business Web Design Company on top of Google

Granted, it is only at spot 6, but this is a very good sign. I haven’t written any blog posts, I have done limited link building, and I added just 5 permanent pages. If I had invested more in the SEO Marketing then I would have reached a little higher.

So if you can get it higher why don’t you?

To be honest, I was caught by surprise. I didn’t think it would happen in such a short space of time. I have been too busy focusing on other things and put this little project on the back burner. However, this got me thinking. I want to see where it goes from here. I want to find out what the minimum amount of effort I can put in is. I suspect that no. 6 in Google is as good as it will get, because the guys who have been pushed down will take notice and create more relevant content for their websites.

I would still love to test the boundaries and see what happens. You know me. I love experimenting, testing, and evaluating – wow, if that isn’t the ultimate Geek slogan then I don’t know what is.

If you would like to know how I get websites to the top of Google then please read this article – SEO Marketing: A Survival Guide.

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