20 Up-and-Coming Platforms to Watch in the Marketing Industry

There is never a dull moment in the marketing industry. New platforms and apps are constantly appearing, some of which become tried and true online marketing mainstays. Twenty up-and-coming marketing platforms to watch at the moment include:

1. Exacttarget

Currently part of Salesforce, Exacttarget coordinates digital marketing strategies using many different tools. It simplifies connections among consumers and brands. This popular marketing platform combines emailing, automation, data compiling, analytics and Web, social and mobile marketing techniques—truly a great marketing relationships booster.

2. Compendium

With the Compendium content marketing platform, you and everybody in your group can create and circulate intriguing content, humor or gossip—whatever suits your mood or floats your boat—across multiple channels to myriad recipients. From one central source, you can trigger immediate one-on-one engagement with many.

3. Ginzametrics

The Ginzametrics platform is structured to drive search as well as content ROI. What a relief—a technique to optimize keywords that are a perfect fit and asset for your site. No need for you to get stressed out by delving into deep thought. With the Ginzametrics dashboard, you can easily keep an eye on content, search and social data for great suggestions.

4. Marin Software

This software is a completely integrated Web marketing platform. Its angle is focused management of online advertising. With Marin, you are assured of dynamite solutions for raking in online revenues. Your website ROI will win high grades for the ultimate quality social, display and mobile ads along with paid searches.

5. Vocus

Vocus is a great example of simple, direct inbound marketing software. Its main horsepower is in the areas of PR and marketing programs. With Vocus, countless businesses have achieved outstanding success in raising Web visibility, increasing site traffic and conversion rates, and building client bases.

6. ContactUs

Just in the last few months, this savvy marketing team and platform have added great updates and enhancements. ContactUs software now has an improved dashboard and admin panel, a highly intuitive form building interface, and a shiny new platform for leads management designed for SMBs within the “contacts” module. It also includes CRM capabilities and a call tracking feature for management of inbound calling sources.

7. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a feature-packed software platform with four major marketing techniques—content marketing, SEO, PPC and social media. With Raven smarts, any business can generate and manage comprehensive updates and reports.

8. Hubspot

As the first all-inclusive inbound marketing platform, Hubspot offers every tool you could possibly need to organize and empower your Internet marketing blueprint and strategy. With this software you can attract leads with blog posts, infographics, ebooks and videos. It helps you optimize them, share them via social media, and ultimately up your conversion rate.

9. Web CEO

With Web CEO, you can find awesome keywords. You can also optimize websites and track performance rates. This platform automates SEO action. You can boost the value of your CMS and achieve a fabulous white label option, all through the great B2B solution provided.

10. SEMrush

This marketing platform is tops for analyzing competitive keywords. You can easily compare traffic sites. With this added ability to gather relative keywords along with research and numbers related to organic keywords, you can greatly enhance and clarify info you already have from use of Google Analytics or Google keyword planner.

11. DOZ

The powerful DOZ marketing platform helps websites increase their online traffic and conversion rates. With ROI focused campaigns centered on content marketing, social media and search engines, DOZ provides heightened transparency to Internet marketing.

12. Lime

Lime’s Internet marketing platform is optimized for both online companies and marketers. You can automate your business processes, gaining high recognition and profits with stellar branding and pricing models.

13. Avid Mobile

With Avid Mobile software’s latest updates, you can enjoy the top-rated mobile marketing techniques available today. Latest app releases can be white labeled so you can resell services via your own brand.

14. Demandbase

With Demandbase, you can enjoy the only current real-time targeting platform with customized display ads and conversion modules. You can feel the power of attracting, engaging, converting and analyzing customers and accounts in real time.

15. UNITAG Mobile

This popular mobile platform enables you to create customized marketing campaigns, surveys, games or business cards. Reach your clients across mobile channels. Optimize and track your marketing campaigns on your mobile device.

16. Voraka

With Voraka’s content marketing platform, you can benefit from a completely transparent online marketing experience. All techniques are performed swiftly and concisely, like creating, editing and coordinating. You get excellent site optimization and content tracking with editorial calendars.

17. iPresent

This tech-savvy mobile marketing platform gets terrific results from pushing out optimized content. Enjoy seamless delivery of PowerPoints, PDFs or videos. High performance drives up your ROI.

18. CAKE’s Multi-Channel Hub

This SaaS-based marketing solution enables gathering and optimizing vital granular data. Every single consumer whim and move is attributed to its source for highest quality online marketing.

19. Fabric

The group of tools from Twitter called Fabric has grown in value and use from an app to a necessary marketing method or platform. Many Internet marketing experts see Fabric as a powerful aid in rapidly increasing conversion rates and long-term client bases.

20. Snowball

With this unique app-morphing-into-platform, all messages are aggregated. You can perform all communications in a single place. Like all IT-related enterprises, Snowball urges owning your medium to profit. Predictions are that this innovative marketing company may win mogul status, gaining strong leverage through aggregation.

Without doubt, more ingenious online marketing platforms will be invented, showcased and deemed successful in the coming months. Be on the lookout for ones you, your site and business can benefit from the most.

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