3 Steps To An Awesome Facebook Cover Photo For Your Business

Yesterday my wife decided that we need a Facebook Business page.

I was always planning on getting one up and running, because social media will be a big part of my overall online marketing mix, but I was postponing it to week 7 of my marketing plan. However, now we sit here with our brand new Facebook page for our brand new business.

So this morning when I couldn’t sleep (3:24am) I decided that we need a cover photo much in the same way that Katie thought it would be a good idea to need a Facebook business page. Spontaneously and outside the marketing strategy! So what came out of this morning’s endeavor?

Hopefully you are impressed, because I think it looks amazing. A beautiful website builds credibility and so does a great Facebook page. A great Facebook page will always start with an incredible looking cover photo. It makes people linger around.

Here are the three easy steps you can take to make a great impression on your Facebook fans with your cover photo.

Step 1 – Get Photoshop

If you don’t already have Photoshop then get it. You will save yourself a lot of money in the long run by doing things like this yourself. Once you have Photoshop, watch a couple of YouTube tutorials to acquaint yourself with the basics.

Step 2 – Go to GraphicRiver.net

Now that you have Photoshop it is time to take a shortcut. I always pride myself on knowing every internet secret shortcut in the world. Well, here we are. Go to GraphicRiver.net and open an account (it’s free). Once you have your account open start search for ˜Facebook Cover Photo’ and you will get 35 pages of different designs. Most of them are under $5. BTW I get pretty much all my PSDs from here (Photoshop Designs).

Step 3 – Change the details & add your magic photo

So you have picked out your design and now you are sitting there with an awesome PSD for less than $5. Life can’t get much better, right? Wrong! It can, and it will. All you have to do now is replace those little bits of text and images with your own and presto. All the dimensions should already be taken care of so you don’t even need to worry about re-sizing it.

And done…

Isn’t that cool? This took about an hour out of my day. It isn’t difficult and it makes a huge impact. Some of you may be wondering whether it is worth it when your fan base is so low. However, by creating a great first impression on an online social zombie means that your acquisition cost per zombie will go down, saving you a ton of money when you actually start generating Facebook fans.

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