3 Things to Look For In Great Web Design Businesses

Finding web design businesses is one thing, but knowing what to look for in one is something completely different.

I would personally say that the majority of companies providing this service are terrible. In fact I would go as far as to say that over 95% of them would harm your business. I have given several examples of such companies in older blog posts, but now I am going to tell you exactly what you should be looking for in a Great Web Design Business. Also, to prove that I am not going to be completely biased, I will give you a list of incredible web design businesses at the end of this article.

#1 – My granny should love it

Firstly, I believe that simplicity is essential. A web design company has to understand that people HATE reading long bits of boring text. You need to make it simple and concise. If they don’t understand that ‘simple’ concept (excuse the pun), then you should run for the hills. All you will be doing is paying someone a lot of money to repel customers.

Your website should be so simple that your granny knows how to navigate it, and understands what message you are trying to deliver. Check out this mess:

My Granny would hate this - web design businesses

I know what you are thinking. Who the hell wants to read that? Is your granny going to come onto this website and be like “oh yeah, I am like Flash Gordon on this bad boy!”? Probably not. Come to think of it, no one probably ever says that about anything.

#2 – Steve Jobs Would be proud

You guessed it. I am talking about elegant design. Just like a master chef has a sensitive pallet, so a web design business should have a sensitive cornea… that may sound a little weird, but you know what I mean. They need to know what looks good and there is an easy way to find out if they do.

Find the best website you possibly can in your industry, and I mean TOP GUN! Look at the Gucci of your industry and then look at the portfolio of the web design business you are considering. Do any of their websites match up to the best of the best? If not, then they are not up to the job. The designs have to be epic and inspiring.

Check this out on phoenixwebdesign.com. Below is one of the template websites they are offering clients. They must have designed this when the Backstreet Boys were still pumping out number 1 singles.

Steve Jobs would hate this - web designing businesses

#3 – Conversions

This one may seem silly, but web design businesses are notoriously bad at using their own websites to convert visitors into prospects. When you land on their website, time yourself on how long it takes you to find and fill out a request form. If you ever hesitate, just for a second, then they have failed to fulfill their most basic function. Nothing annoys me more than a huge request form. As a web design business owner myself, I know that I only need three bits of information: Your name, phone number, and email address. Once I have that information I can give you a call and get to know you and your business. I need nothing more than that.

Check out this beast. The form below makes me feel like I am filing for immigration.

Imagine filling this out - web designing businesses

The great companies you can trust to do their job

I am sure there are many others. It took me about an hour to find three other respectable web design businesses. I still think all of them are a little too cluttered.

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