4 Powerful Techniques to Close Deals Every Time

just cant close my prospectsWhen it comes to me selling something, I am usually terrible at it! Put me in a cold calling situation and the calls go from cold to freezing. I would walk into appointments with potential clients and completely undersell my services. They could nickel and dime me for everything. Worst of all, my competitors were offering a much lower quality product, but charging three times as much. This almost caused me to go broke. How was this possible? So I started doing some soul searching and research. And I realized something! I am extremely good at selling people food. Yes, FOOD! Whenever I went to someone’s house for dinner I would just rave and rant about how incredible the food was. Without knowing it, I was making them feel like they were the only person in the world, just because I am in love with all kinds of food. And I mean all kinds! You can put a plate of KFC in front of me and I would talk about how it is the best thing since the last plate of food I had. So what has my terrible, but kind, palette got to do with closing deals? This opened my eyes in a big way. My girlfriend at the time (my wife now) hated all kinds of fast food. After being with me for 3 months she was appreciating the same crappy food I was. And when I look back in time – this happened almost every time. With girlfriends, friends, colleagues etc. I could sell almost any type food to anyone. Let’s do a quick hop and a skip forward 7 months and I closed my first $180,000 deal, and I never even met the person.

How did I do it?

Technique # 1 – Let them do the talking

I got this idea from Neil Patel who only accepts clients with more than 6 figures to spend on their online marketing. He closed his first big deal straight out of high school. The first question I always ask prospects in an appointment is this: “So tell me why you agreed to this meeting?”. This has an enormously powerful effect that I never expected. All of the sudden they are selling themselves to you. They feel that they have to justify why they are spending time with you, which isn’t the case of course, but helps to position you as the solution to all their problems. This also gives you an opportunity to find out exactly what they want and expect.

Technique # 2 – Solve their problems in 3 easy steps or less

Now that they have completely spilled the beans you should address all of their concerns with specific solutions. If a client comes to me and says that his website didn’t generate them any new business, then I will tell them exactly what I am going to do in 3 simple steps. You should always make it very easy and clear. I always hold up my fingers and say “We achieve this in 3 ways …” You have to be very specific. Literally tell them what you will do. Don’t just hand them the sizzle. Then give them a clear example of how you have done this before for someone else.

Technique # 3 – Smack them across the face with the logic

You already have their ear, and they already know that you are awesome, but they are still a little wary. Break down the benefits of using you into hard numbers. There is nothing more powerful than this. Here is an example A client comes to me and wants to generate more business from their website. So I will ask them how many leads they currently get. Then I will ask them what their rate of closing is, and how much revenue the average customer generates the business. A custom home builder probably makes $500,000+ revenue from one customer, and has a closing rate of 5%. That means that out of 20 leads, he makes half a million in sales. So each lead is worth $25,000 in revenue. So now they need to generate one extra lead to make an ROI of 1,000%. It is hard to argue with that logic even if they have a closing rate of just 1%.

Technique # 4 – A simple urgency trick

We have all heard that creating urgency will help you close deals, but you don’t want to come across as an arrogant idiot. By using the three techniques above they should already be willing to work with you. But willing to buy and actually handing over the check are two completely different things. The first thing you should do is ask them about a timeframe, but you have to be careful about how you phrase it. It could invite procrastination. Say something that shows them the benefit of using you to reinforce your value proposition.

So when do you want to start [solve their main problem] from [your product]

So when do you want to start generating more revenue from your website?

It would be very strange for them to say “6 months from now”. One thing to remember is that you can’t ask them this question if you haven’t built a rapport, or a sense that you are the expert in your field. Refer back to technique 1 on how to achieve that.

Combining everything

It is essential that you combine every single technique into one awesome pitch to close the deal. By letting them justify why they are meeting with you, they end up pitching their business to you, and you get to find out about all of their pain points. Use that information to move onto technique 2, and address each of their concerns with specific actions and case studies to back it up. Now that you have addressed their feelings and emotions, it is time to smack them with the logic. Not only do they want to do business with you, but it seems stupid not to – all the numbers are there. The final nail in the coffin is creating urgency with a value proposition.

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