5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Converting a web visitor into a lead, a lead into a customer, a customer into a repeat customer… it’s no small feat.  Believe me! There are about 1,572 ways to convert eyeballs into cash. Yet, most small business owners don’t have the time or patience to explore them. But they SHOULD! Why?

Here’s a quick list of five compelling reasons WHY you should be improving your site’s conversion rates:

#1. A Simple Button Test Could Lead to a 14.5% Lift in Conversions

Yep, that’s right. You know that little “buy now” or “register here” button on you web page? Try conducting an A/B test and just changing the color of the button. You’ll be surprised every time to see how one simple change like that can lead to more people clicking on that button and turning into leads.

In this test, you can see the yellow button with black text increased conversions 14.5% more than the green button with white text.


You’ll find the more you can make a button stand out on the page, the better. If the page is all blues and greens, test a red button.

#2. It’s Not as Hard as You Think

As scary as A/B testing sounds, it’s really not. Consider all the different software out there that make it as easy as signing up for a Gmail account.

#3. It’s Less Work than You Think

There’s great info, if you just look. Consider this example:

Do you rely on a form to capture leads on your site? Nine times out of ten a shorter form will get more people to fill it out. You don’t even need an A/B test to tell you that. Though there’s plenty of testing data to back it up.

Think about it. You’re a busy consumer searching for a new home online. You run across an interesting white paper written by a local real estate agent. It looks cool so you start filling out the form. Are you going to sit there for more than a minute to fill out a 10-field form? In most cases, nope!

Scale it back to just three fields: name, email, and zip code. You won’t believe the difference in conversions you’ll get.

#4. It Doesn’t Cost That Much

For as little at $9 a month, you can purchase a good A/B testing tool that’s super easy to use. And the ROI of that can be 20 times that if you’re testing new stuff every month.

#5. Sometimes the Truth Will Surprise You

Improving your conversion rate will challenge your assumptions about what works. Consider this test , which looks at whether adding a trust icon to a form gets more form completions. You’d think anything that shows people they can trust your site would improve conversions. Think again!


In this test, the form without the icon got a 12% lift in conversions. That’s likely because people sometimes associate icons with payment.

Still don’t have time to improve conversion rates? Just read a little more about it. Look at other people’s A/B tests and make some changes on your website based on the results. Remember, one little change could get you some big, big results.

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