7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Blogging

So you have a blog. Great! Keeping a blog can be a very rewarding experience. But if your blog is like most other blogs on the Internet, it probably isn’t getting very much traffic. If that is the case, it is probably because you are making one of these 7 big mistakes.

1. Bad headlines

One of the most common problems is writing bad headlines. You could have the best content in the universe, but if your headlines don’t grab people’s attention, nobody will read your posts.

2. Not responding to comments

If people leave comments on your blog and you aren’t responding to them, you are making a mistake. This is especially true of blogs that have a small following. The goal of having comments is to encourage discussion, and people enjoy online banter. So if people visit your blog and see that comments just go into a black hole without getting a response, they won’t leave a comment of their own. By neglecting your readers, you are missing out on a big opportunity to build a loyal following.

3. No email list

You’ve probably heard it over and over again, but it’s true: You need an email list. The click rates you get from email are far superior to other sharing tools like Twitter or Facebook. This is the single most powerful tool to get people coming back to your blog on a regular basis. Whenever you write a new post, you should be sending it out to your newsletter subscribers.

4. No unique content

If you are ripping content from sites like eZine or goarticles.com, you are doing it wrong. By using content that has been posted on hundreds of other blogs, you remove any incentive for people to visit your blog. Even worse, the content on those sites is usually poorly written, so even if someone stumbles across your blog, they won’t come back.

5. No central topic

This mistake is common among people starting their first blog. Whether you write about marketing, technology, or even some obscure topic, your blog should have one central theme. If you talk about a little bit of everything, you won’t connect with with one consistent audience.

6. You don’t post frequently

To build traffic to your blog, you should post at least a few times per week, and ideally every day. If you are posting amazing 4,000 word blog posts, you might be able to get away with posting once per week. But posting a short blog post every few weeks won’t cut it. You have to post frequently and send those posts out to your email list. If you do that, you will constantly be reminding people to come back to your site to get great content.

7. Not promoting your posts

Another common mistake people make is simply writing a blog post and leaving it at that. But just because you have written something, that doesn’t mean people will read it. You have to be proactive and get that content out in front of people. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and anywhere else it is relevant. You shouldn’t spam people, but you do need to speak up if you want your content to be noticed.


If you can’t seem to get traffic to your blog, there is a good chance you are making at least one of the mistakes mentioned above. Your goal now is to go fix these mistakes. Do that, and I guarantee you will see more traffic.

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