9 Fascinating Things about Email Marketing You Should Know

Look at you… All confident because you’ve learned tricks of the trade from some of the best marketing minds on the planet about using email to build a robust business! But you can’t rest on your laurels. New data multiplies like bunnies, so learning a few more tricks can’t hurt. Use one or all of the following nine tidbits as you move into the future where email is likely to remain king. You might also want to share them when socializing with colleagues so everyone knows just how savvy you are.

1. You’ve got mail.

Lots of it. According to folks at masstransit.com, over 100 trillion emails are sent annually; 294 billion+ every day. Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail account holders alone represent 1 billion users. Here’s the sad part: Around 90-percent of traffic is composed of spam or virus-carrying messages, costing businesses about $20 billion in productivity and technology hits.

2. What’s a good day to send email?

Saturday and Sunday, according to marketer Dan Zarrella who peeked into Mailchimp’s database for the answer. No mystery here. You’ve time to read things over the weekend that you might ordinarily discard, and so might your audience. By the way, Zarrella found that “unsubscribe” requests peak on Tuesday so if you get your feelings hurt easily, you might want to take an email reading break that day.

3. Get out of bed early. Seriously.

Click-through rates on emails sent between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. on any day of the week are higher than those recorded during the other 23 hours on any day. The reason? Nobody knows, but since over 80-percent of people never turn off their smartphones, you can grab them before they’ve had their coffee by initiating your marketing campaigns at that hour.

4. Spam catchers lurk like roaches

…Waiting to catch the clever words you put on subject lines. But, did you know that there are lists of words more likely to send email to Spam purgatory than others? Apply due diligence to finding those impacting your particular audience and eliminate them from your vocabulary. On the other hand, the word “jobs” in the subject line will get your email open fast. Further, increase chances of having your email opened nearly 60-percent by limiting your subject line content to 10 characters or less. Personalize and open/click rates could climb higher.

5. Give something away

Admit it. A coupon for something your audience would have bought anyway makes a great incentive and research proves it. A 2012 Blue Kangaroo Study concluded that seven of 10 people will use a coupon or discount. Imagine this: By 2016, according to the Radicati Group, there will be 4.3 billion email accounts floating around cyberspace. That’s a lot of coupons to dangle out there while building your base!

6. It’s about age

Once upon a time, Facebook kept young people connected, but age creep hit the site and today’s user is more likely grandma sharing baby photos. This decline started in late 2011, but don’t hold a funeral for Facebook yet. Marketer Jeff Bullas says that Indonesia is wildly Facebook centric, so if you’re cultivating overseas markets, give Facebook as much face time as you devote to Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

7. Search engines are sexist

Seriously. According to Bullas, Google and Google+ users are 63-percent male, a nice thing to know if you trying to find the right guy—for marketing purposes, of course. Media Post reports that Google’s search engine is an overwhelmingly popular choice for men internationally, but particularly in the US followed by India. Selling male-focused products? Broadcast offers from Google email addresses.

8. A little respect for Pinterest

It’s not just the mother lode of wall décor ideas and knitting tips. This network is hot and trendy; it’s not unusual for traffic to perk up 4,000-percent when holidays approach and browsers are in Martha Stewart mode. Sure, 83-percent of all Pinterest visitors are women, but since the site is virtually tied with Twitter for social traffic referrals, use this social media site creatively to further your marketing agenda.

9. Phone it in

When we saw the Mindjumpers.com claim–that 4.2 billion people own toothbrushes and 4.8 billion own smartphones–we were shocked, but what can be said about priorities? Tablets, phones and smart devices are battling for turf, so if you want to snag customers using your best e-mail strategies, do something about your propensity for cluttering email messages with lots-o-images. Think tiny screen. Restrain yourself. A single image—if it’s the right one—is all you need, so if the urge to pile on the jpegs is irresistible, we suggest humming Walt Disney’s “It’s a Small World, After All” first.

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