Another SEO Landing Page for Another Keyword

The blog post I wrote a couple of days ago entitled, My Super Effective Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy, inspired me to create a landing page for the following keyword: Arizona Search Engine Optimization Company.

I felt so hyped up by my own organic SEO strategy that I just went along and created more work for myself.

For those of you who don’t know – a very effective way to gain Google’s attention is to write specific content for specific keywords that people are searching for. The easiest ones to rank for are the long tail keywords (keywords with lots of words in them).

Slowly, but surely, I create landing pages and write blog posts targeting these specific keywords. Some rank very quickly, and some take a little longer.

So recently I created a page called:
Arizona Search Engine Optimization Company’.
It gets a mere 12 searches per month. If I make it to spot no. 1, I would receive approximately 7 visitors per month to my website. I could also settle on spot no. 2 or 3 and get even less visitors.

So why would I want to spend all that time creating a landing page for just 3-7 visitors per month?

Well, I am playing the long game. By creating content every single week, and targeting new keywords, eventually I will be sitting at the top of Google for dozens of keywords. I predict that by the end of this year I will be ranking for more than 50 of them.

This also helps me to rank for some of the shorter tail keywords like ‘SEO Marketing’, ‘Phoenix Web Design’, and ‘Websites for small Businesses’.

The SEO’s nightmare

As someone who does SEO for their clients, very successfully I might add, there is a little nightmare that I have to deal with. Whereas many of my clients have difficult niches to rank for, they are still very doable in the long run.

ImYourBiz, on the other hand, needs to rank for keywords to do with search marketing. I am up against people who do this for a living like me. Since Google rewards age, content, and links, because I created this website only 9 months ago, I am way behind. Some of these guys have been consistently building content and links to their site for 10 years.

That is why I am playing the long game. I am accumulating a large number of ‘easy’ keywords whilst waiting for the more difficult ones to continue their climb upwards.

‘Phoenix Web Design’ is up 39 spots this month.

‘SEO Marketing’ is up 27 spots this month.

‘Websites for Small Businesses’ is up 88 spots – it is sitting at the top of page 2 at the time of writing.

Graph illustrating my Google ranking since October 2012 (+931 spots)

Rankings change

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