How Are Attorneys Gaining Control Over How Many Clients They Get, And When They Get Them?

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There is one huge unknown side-effect to doing this kind of marketing that I did not anticipate.

Now, it is no secret that attorneys don’t get the love they probably deserve.

America has taken “lawyer hating” to another level.

A Princeton University study showed that they are the least liked of basically all the professions.

Princeton Study

Even politicians got a higher rating :-(.

It is ironic that you simply help consumers to navigate the complex laws politicians put in place.

People turn to you for expertise and then get mad when the law doesn’t do or say what they want it to.

And here’s the really strange side-effect of this system.

After 5,000 marketing tests, the system that came out on top actually created goodwill and authority BEFORE clients speak to you

It was a very weird coincidence.

I wasn’t looking for something that made people feel warm and fuzzy.

I was looking for something that pulled in the largest number of paying clients for the lowest cost.

As it turned out, by figuring out what people’s problems are in step #3 and presenting them with useful advertising in step #5…

(The non-salesy kind)

Their attitudes changed, on average, to view you in an incredibly positive and respectful manner.

Now you have two choices

Choice #1: Implement this system yourself by watching the video above

I wish you the best of luck. Just remember to keep in touch to let me know how it is going.

Choice #2 (the choice most attorneys make): Get us to do all of this for you.

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