How To Become One Of The Most Sought After Lawyers In Your State

Something changed recently for attorneys.

After generating well over 1.5 million leads, running over 100,000 ads, and 5,000 marketing tests, on behalf of attorneys, something changed this year.

Normally, we use a specific strategy to consistently grow small to medium sized law firms.

It still works (better than ever), and we’re seeing some incredible results.

And up until now, I didn’t think anything could rival it.

The best part is, this new method of growing your law firm literally builds your reputation as well.

If done right, you’ll be one of the most sought after lawyers in your state.

I only say this because I have seen it happen.

Imagine someone searching for an attorney online, and you are the only rational choice they can make.

Even if you are more expensive. Even if you are further away than the other attorneys. Even if they already use your competition.

I know you’re busy, so here’s a quick checklist of the growth strategy, I’ll into more detail in a minute:

  1. Get a simple review platform that can collect testimonials from customers (we have one that increases your reviews tenfold).
  2. Simply ask your existing clients for reviews.
  3. Set up an automatic ‘thank you’ email that asks them to copy the review to Yelp, the biggest review platform.
  4. Advertise your Yelp business page to get more clients.

Usually, Yelp advertising doesn’t work unless you use it in this specific order.

We’ve seen some incredible results with this:

In just 90 days, this criminal attorney got 159 phone calls from people who asked for his help in their case.

15 more leads came through an online form.

Most attorneys aren’t able to do this by just ‘advertising on Yelp’. You need to implement a specific reputation strategy, and only THEN market that new reputation.

So when people search for

Combine a fantastic online reputation and advertising, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Instead of you reading the rest of this article, you could simply get my team to do this for you.

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Step 1: Getting a highly effective review platform (and How to NOT waste your time)

Picture this. You’ve finished fixing a client’s legal problem and you did a great job. They are happy, and so are you.

Just before you guys shake hands on good terms, you do this one simple thing.

Ask them, “Hey, before you go, do you mind writing a little review about your experience with me?”

When they say “Yes, of course” simply hand them a tablet or your phone and ask them to rate you.

And that’s it!

It is hardly any hassle whatsoever.

Your clients will be more than happy to do this for you.

Can you imagine getting new reviews about your law firm every single week?

What do you think this one simple thing will do to people’s perception of you as a lawyer?

This stupidly simple task can increase the number of reviews you get 10-fold.

Yet, hardly any attorneys are doing this.

You could stand out from the competition within just a couple of weeks. After a couple of months, you’ll probably have the most reviews in your state.

We’ve not even got started on the rest of the growth strategy, yet you’ll probably agree that this alone is a game changer.

Do not waste your time on sending people directly to Yelp, of Facebook, or Google, for your reviews.

They simply don’t work as well as you’d think without this next part.

Step 2: Planting your new reviews at the top of Google

Have a look at what happens when you type in “Big Mouth Marketing reviews” into Google.

Here are some examples of two other attorneys who are in the process of using this review system:

What do you think happens when someone Googles you and finds this many positive reviews?

Only one thing. They pick up the phone and call your office.

And the key is to have your own little review site that you control.

You can provide these for you. Simply book a 1-1 consultation with us here, and we can get you set up.

Here is an example of one kind of review sites. We have different versions depending on your law firm.

This is ours:

Pretty cool, right?

If this page is set up correctly it’ll dart to the top of the search engines.

Step 3: Spreading your new reputation like wildfire

Now that you have a way to get tons of reviews about your law firm, it is time to actively use them to get new clients.

Imagine that there are two people who need food.

Person A isn’t that hungry and therefore goes to the grocery store and starts browsing the isles.

Person B, goes to a local restaurant because they want to eat NOW.

Now imagine, person B looks at a list of restaurants that are all the same, except, one of them is loved and recommended by everyone.

Of course, person B would go to the restaurant with the best reputation.

It is the same with lawyers.

First, you need to discard the people who are just ‘browsing’ (like Person A).

You need to target people who are ready to hire an attorney NOW. They need to be hungry for your services.

The easy way to do that is to target people are currently researching attorneys, and reading their online reviews.

The only reason why someone is browsing Yelp, looking for an attorney, is so that they can make a good choice.

It isn’t because they find some intense pleasure from looking up lawyers.

Over 70% of people now browse online reviews to make a decision about hiring someone.

They are like Person B. They are hungry and ready to pick up the phone to hire you.

So that’s the first part taken care of.

The second part is to put your new found reputation, with all its reviews, in front of them so they pick you over the dozens of other lawyers in your area.

So as soon as someone searches for an attorney on Yelp, you simply advertise your firm to them.

Then the magic happens:

  • The advertising guarantees that you get seen.
  • You’re bound to have more reviews than 99% of attorneys on there, so you become the obvious choice.
  • They pick up the phone and become a client.
  • They leave you a review and the circle continues.

After a few months you’ll find yourself with more clients, more reviews, and a larger slice of legal pie in your state.

This virtuous circle is self fulfilling as well.

Google LOVES reviews. The more reviews you get, the higher Google will rank your website.

So you will get more exposure on Yelp AND Google.

Both get millions of hits per day.

If you’d like us to set this up for you, click here.

We’ll talk to you, find out what you’d like, and then we’ll show you exactly how we’re going to grow your law practice.

This is just one of many growth strategies we use.

And hopefully you can see now why you need a process in place that has been tested.

There is no way we could have come up with these detailed instructions without testing it dozens of times first.

Seems rather simple now to become one of the most sought after attorneys in your state.

Your Next Step

I know you are busy. I congratulate you for even getting to the bottom of this article.

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