How Do The Top Family Lawyers Get Divorce Clients?

What if it was possible to peak behind the curtain of your biggest competitor’s client getting machine?

Imagine you’ve got access to the exact advertising strategy the top family lawyers are using to get new clients every single day?

Would you take a peak?

If you answered “yes” then pay close attention to every single word in this article.

Because we’re about to reveal:

  • Where top family lawyers are advertising to get divorce clients.
  • How much they spend each month to acquire those clients.
  • Exactly what they are saying in their ads to turn prospects into clients.
  • What webpages they are sending them to.
  • And so much more.

While you are reading the very words on this page your competition is scooping up another client for their law firm.

We know, because we are either helping them grow their law firm, or we’ve bought data on how they are advertising.

And this data tells us exactly what your competition is doing to get clients. And today I’m going to share some of that info with you.

After generating 1.4 million leads, running 100,000 online ads, and 5,000 marketing tests, we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeve.

You don’t get there by sheer will power and coincidence. It takes vast amounts of data, analysis, and constant testing.

So here, with all the dogmatism of brevity, is the exact advertising strategy of the top divorce law firms.

Step #1: How they turn legal advertising dollars into an investment that keeps paying

Picture an attorney, just like you, who is looking to get divorce clients.

And every single day the phone rings with someone asking for help with their divorce. In fact, the phone rings many times per day.

This attorney has complete control over how many clients they get and how fast they get them.

Their income is predictable and stable.

Their secret?

Simple. They spend money on advertising.

They have tested all the types of ads you can think of in the divorce space.

They know that if someone clicks to their webpage there is a very good chance they will turn into an inbound call from an eager prospect.

Every single dollar they spend on advertising brings them $3, $4, or even $10 back.

And that’s the ONLY advertising you should be interested in.

Advertising that brings you a return on investment. Anything else is a waste of time.

Contrary to common beliefs, that is actually what advertising should do for lawyers up and down the country.

The problem is, nobody knows what they are doing.

Marketing firms are tripping over each other to try and figure it out. Most of them fail.

However, by knowing what the most successful attorney ads are, which keywords they are targeting, their landing pages, and how much they are spending, gives us a very good starting point when it comes to an ad campaign for you.

And trust me, this is different from anything you’ve ever seen.

Keep reading and it’ll all make sense.

Step #2: Where are divorce attorneys advertising?

Quite simply, Google.

And you’ll see why in a minute.

While most people are making a fool of themselves with Google ads, there are attorneys who are making a killing with them.

As you are sitting there right now, reading the very words on this page, there are attorneys pulling in fresh leads who need help with their divorce.

And your competition are snatching them up.


Because your target market is easily defined in Google.

Check out this scenario.

  1. You are a family lawyer and you are looking for divorce cases.
  2. Your prospect is a person who wants a divorce.
  3. Your prospect goes to their phone and tells Google they are looking for a divorce attorney.

You can’t get much more targeted than that.

Yet, many attorneys are doing Google advertising it completely wrong.

In fact, I would guess that over half of the attorneys advertising anywhere online right now are losing cash hand over fist.

You and I are going to stop that now.

You are going to stop the guesswork and I am going to show you exactly what you need to do.

Some of the biggest advertisers for divorce cases (we exclude places like Rocket Lawyer):

  • $34,200 per month
  • – $69,100 per month
  • – 24,800 per month

Instead of trying to figure this all out from scratch you could simply duplicate their campaign structure.

They’ve done all the testing, made all the mistakes, and laid the groundwork for you.

For example.

Combined, these guys run ads on 9,848 keywords in Google.

HOWEVER… (and this is important)

Within their huge budgets a lot of those keywords will be wasted ad spend.


Because they are constantly testing new keywords, landing pages, and ads.

Their big budgets allow them to do that.

In some cases their advertising team may even become complacent and run some ads that aren’t working.

You and I don’t want to fall into that trap.

Just because we have the data doesn’t mean we can just jump in head first.

We have to be smart.

Instead of blindly copying all three, you’re going to want to overlap their bidding strategies.

Have a look at the image below.

Now, if three completely unrelated big spenders in the family law space all go after 311 common key phrases, then they must be good.

It isn’t a coincidence.

Those guys are making money from it.

We call these: Core Strategy Keywords

311 keywords is a fair few. And to start with we’ll refine it more. Only the ones that work in your local area need to be present.

Let’s have a look at what ads these guys are running that are bringing them the most clients.

By the way, if you’d like Big Mouth Marketing to run your entire advertising campaign for you, so that you can get a consistent flow of divorce leads, then click here.

Step #3: Find out which ads work the best

Things seem to be progressing nicely now. Instead of guessing we’re actually doing some research into what works.

Let’s break this down even further.

You are a family lawyer who is equipped with thousands of highly targeted keywords.

Now it is time to put some ads in front of them.

Luckily for you, we have all of the ads that these big boys are running, and we know which ones work the best.

Let’s take a look at an example Google search.

‘top Arizona divorce attorney’

You want to be smarter than the average advertiser.

Notice how are incredibly specific?

Arizona Divorce Attorney – Experienced & Aggressive

It matches the phrase the prospect types in exactly.

Google allows you to know what someone is thinking, because they type it into the search bar.

And if you can align your ad as closely as possible to what they typed in, you’re going to be the one to stick out of the crowd.

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney
Avoid Headaches & High Lawyer Fees.
Call Now 24/7

Best Divorce Lawyer Philadelphia
Don’t Let Divorce Ruin Your Life
Call Now For Instant Help.

Getting Divorced In Phoenix?
You need to act fast!
Call Us to Avoid The Pitfalls

Are you starting to notice a pattern?

  • Every single ad is incredibly specific.
  • It speaks about their problem and how they can avoid it.
  • They tell them to “Call Now” in every ad.

It is clear and conveys a sense of urgency.

#4. Instantly turn visitors into phone calls using this webpage template

So far we’ve covered a lot, however we’ve got so much more to reveal. If you would prefer us to do all the hard work for you, then click here.

You don’t get to be one of the best advertisers for law firms by resting on your laurels.

So far we’ve only really done some research and figured out a plan for implementing the campaign.

Now we need kick it up a notch. And for this part I like to focus on my own skill and expertise.

I literally ran over 5,000 tests to get the perfect lead-gen page (also known as a landing page).

The following layout works particularly well for divorce cases, because it covers everything they need.

Bear in mind, this is a basic version and what we build for our clients might be more customized.

  1. Problem focused headline: This is the headline that tells the prospect that they are in the right place. Notice that it immediately talks about the specific problem they have.
  2. Elaborate on the solution to the problem: This goes directly below the headline. It talks about the solution to their big problem. In every instance, the solution to their problem is YOU, the attorney.
  3. Instantly know what to do to solve their problem: The phone number is right at the top and quickly visible. To solve their problem, they either pick up the phone to call you, or complete the online form. So by quickly skimming the page they’ll know exactly what action to take next.
  4. Scarcity: This helps people to take action faster. It lets the visitor know that there is only one surefire way to get the best possible outcome. And that is to act quickly and be prepared. The quicker they act the more likely they are to come out on top.
  5. Final solution section: This section tells the visitor that the quickest and easiest way to solve their specific problem is to get in touch with you. It is the final call to action and plays on their desire to get things under control again.
  6. Double call to action: This gives the visitor two choices. Either they can call, or they should fill out the online form. Both of them go straight to your office so that you can take on a new case.

Can you see how much attention to detail has been put into this layout? You can’t simply ‘guess’ what’s going to work and what you need to say.

You have to follow a specific formula that urges the visitor to take action. People are natural procrastinators.

This page layout breaks through that natural instinct, and generates a high quality lead who is urgently looking for a lawyer like you.

Step #5: How to get back prospects who say ‘no’

For whatever reason, people procrastinate important decisions.

Research paper after research paper has shown that if the general population have a chance to put off a major decision they will.

And getting an attorney is a major decision.

Throughout the years I have developed a little secret weapon that gets you back in front of the procrastinators without annoying them.

This is one trick that I don’t see anybody using. I was even contemplating on whether or not I should include it in this article – it is that powerful.

Smart marketers and the lawyers who hire them will do the things I have mentioned in this article.

And they will gain huge success because of it. After all, only 0.1% of lawyers actually implement the stuff I’ve been talking about.

Yet, there is one more thing you could do to surpass even them.

Just imagine being the family lawyer that has a consistent lead flow of paying customers who love and respect you.

It’ll be pretty great, right?

Well, simply copy this approach.

Once somebody visits Google and searches “divorce attorney [city]” and they click on your ad, you know that they want and need a lawyer.

Why else would they stop binge watching Netflix to search for something that they have no real desire for?

Bingo! They have a problem that needs solving. And Google was their answer.

Just because the user doesn’t respond to the “sales pitch” in your ad doesn’t mean they don’t need a lawyer. It means they are procrastinating.

In the past you would have paid for that click and lost them forever. By the time they feel like contacting you again they have forgotten who you are.

So here’s what you do to make sure that never happens.

Now that you know that person is interested in finding a divorce attorney, and you know they are on the fence, you can send them something a little different.

When they visit your landing page you can ‘tag’ their browser.

This allows you to place ads in front of them throughout the next few weeks.

Have you ever been followed by those annoying retargeting ads after you have visited someone’s website?

Yeah, I hate them too.

This is like that, but instead of annoying them with ads, we’re going to smack them in the face with information that helps to alleviate the problem they are facing.

We’re going to do this by posting an article in their Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s a quick example.

I go to Google and type in “Divorce attorney Phoenix”.

I get cold feet for some reason and decide to watch cat videos on Facebook.

Next thing I see is a helpful article specifically speaking to the problem I have in my Facebook newsfeed.

It is an article in my Facebook newsfeed.

Imagine you are searching for a divorce lawyer and then this article pops up on your favorite website?

Would you consider it useful?

Of course you would.

Once someone clicks on that article they will be taken back to your website.

This time, it isn’t a sales pitch. It is a helpful article that provides them with value. We call these “Passive Return Agents”.

Every single month, you’ll bring out a new helpful article that brings potential prospects back to your website.

When they are finally ready to call a divorce attorney they will be thinking of you, and not your competition.

Quick side note: You could always just get my team to do all of this for you. Click here for a 1-1 appointment.

Step #6: How to outsource this entire process

If you’ve read this far down then I must congratulate you. You are truly committed to growing your law firm.

And that presents you with two choices.

Choice #1: Take what I have given you and attempt to do this by yourself.

You’ll struggle, for sure, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

It might take you a few months or maybe even a year, but in the end you will be happy.

Or you can take choice #2the choice smart attorneys take.

You can simply let me take care of everything.

I’ll deploy the whole campaign for you.

You’ll get one of my landing page templates, the exact changes you need to make to your website, and a done-for-you traffic campaign.

We’ll even record your phone calls and show you exactly what to say to double or even triple your closing ratio.

Can you imagine never having to worry about where the next client is going to come from?

And one day when you want to sell your law firm, you’d be able to retire much sooner than you expected since it is such a well-oiled client getting machine.

I only say this because I have seen it happen.

So if you are ready to let someone help you grow your law firm, then click here to schedule your 1-1 appointment with me.

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