Blogging Like a Boss: How to Write a Super Effective Blog Post

If you didn’t already know it, a business blog is essential in today’s world.

Google needs it, your customers love it, and your competitors live in fear of it. However, there is a problem. It takes time and you need something to say. If JK Rowling can get writer’s block then so can you. At least she is covering only one topic: Wizardry – awesome! We don’t have that luxury. We have to write about things that are useful to our target audience. Teaching someone to fly on a broom just won’t cut it.

Obviously the number of topics and way you can write about them in your industry are endless. However, I am going to share 3 ways in which are incredibly effective and easy to use. Remember, you have to write for your audience. Most business tend to write about stuff they find interesting, but in reality your customers are interested in what you are selling and how that helps them.

3 Super Easy Ways to Write Incredible Blog Posts

#1 – The ‘how to…’ topic

We all know about ‘How to’ topics, but what you say in them determines whether they are effective or not.

e.g. I can write a blog topic on how the changes in HTML code that search engines and mobiles use means that Frontpage is out of date. Who of you will care about that? Will you really be that interested to know that <center> </center> is no longer how you should center things? No!

You need to write what your customers would like to hear. In my case I would write something like ‘How to Create a Beautiful Website without Knowing Anything’. My audience probably doesn’t know how to create a website, and they most certainly don’t know how easy it can be.

If you are a home builder, write about how you find cheap roofing. If you sell socks, show your customers how to prevent them from becoming smelly. So on and so forth.

#2 – The ‘3 things…’ topic

These kind of topics are really effective. Here is an example: 3 Steps to an Awesome Facebook Cover Photo for Your Business

It doesn’t always have to be 3 things specifically, just more than 2 and less than 10. 3,5,7, and 9 are the power numbers. When you state that you are giving them three steps, make sure you label each step as a ‘Step’. Obvious right? But many people will just write long paragraphs without breaking them down and labeling them properly.

#3 – The ‘One simple way…’ topic

This is probably the kind of blog post I write the most. Generally it is because I have so much to say about each topic that I just spread them over several blog posts. Here is an example of a post I wrote using this kind of topic: A Simple Way to Double Online Sales & Leads

If you actually read the post above, then you will notice I still break it down into steps, but that is just to make it easier on the reader. If you are a home builder, then you would have something like ‘A Simple Way to Prevent Nails from Rusting’.

Preventing writer’s block

writers block

Having three different kind of topics is a great way to somewhat prevent writer’s block, but sometimes you need something fresh, but you have no idea what to write. Here is what you do.

Get 3-5 categories (topics)

Here are mine.

  1. SEO Marketing
  2. Small Business Tips
  3. Social Media
  4. Video Design
  5. Web Design

Every day (you only have to do this once a week in most cases) I sit and think about what happened to me the day before whilst I was working. Ask yourself: what stands out the most from events that happened yesterday? Or last week if you are writing once a week. Nothing particularly exciting happened to me yesterday, but a client did ask me how they find topics to blog about. Bingo!

Perhaps you helped a customer find the right shoe, then write a blog post about ‘How to find the right shoe out of 1,000s of choices’.

And guess what? You can rehash this topic three times over the course of the next few months, because you have three ways of saying it. Remember, the three topic types we discussed? Once you have done that you can apply that same topic to 5 different categories. Before you know it, one thing just gave you 15 different blog posts to write about. Easy right?

Sometimes you just don’t have the time

I understand that writing is time consuming and a skill you may not have practiced very much. In that case, you should delegate it, or outsource it, but make sure that the individual in charge of your blogging understands the concepts I spoke about in this blog. They are simple and highly effective.

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