5 Insanely Effective Steps to Market Your Website with No Budget

A little while back one of my clients asked me about increasing the business that comes through their website. Naturally I asked, “How much of your marketing budget are you allocating to online marketing?”.

I kind of expected them to say zero, but what I didn’t expect was that they didn’t have a marketing budget at all.

That surprised me. I know that a lot of small businesses don’t spend enough on online marketing, but I didn’t realize that tons of them have no marketing budget whatsoever.

I went to a networking event in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago and I asked every business owner the same question. Every single one said they got all of their business through referrals. None of them had a marketing budget.

So I thought that I would give you 5 insanely simple steps to market your website with no budget.

Increasing traffic with simple search engine marketing

Search engines are still king and will be for a long time. A study that was conducted that showed how search traffic absolutely trumps social and email to come out on top.

Search as a share of traffic


In fact, my clients (the ones who do SEO properly) see organic traffic take up more than 60% of their overall traffic portfolio. A visitor that comes from Google is also worth a lot more than other forms of traffic except for email.

Now let me pretend that I sell cabinets and countertops in Prescott AZ, and what I would do to get more traffic to my website on a zero budget.

Step #1 – Google keyword tool

The first step is going to be all about research – and it only takes about 15 minutes and will determine everything you do.

Head over to the Google keyword tool and type in a relevant word which defines what you do.

Google keyword tool1


This is going to give you everything you need to know about what your customers are searching for online when it comes to your business.

Google keyword tool2


Make a note of 20-30 keywords that Google popped out that you can write about. Using the export feature will make this easier, but if you aren’t tech savvy then just jot them down on a notepad or a word document.

In this example I can already see a few keywords with a respectable number of searches each month:

  • Kitchen cabinet refacing cost (590 hits/m)
  • How to reface kitchen cabinets (260 hits/m)
  • Replacing kitchen cabinet doors (480 hits/m)
  • Laminate kitchen cabinets (480 hits/m)
  • Kitchen Cabinet design (2,900 hits/m)

…and the list goes on.

Step #2 – Create titles you can use on your website

Now that you have a list of keywords you can write about you need to create compelling titles. This is kind of an art form in itself, but by following a certain set of rules you can increase the number of clicks you get to your website by 322%.

Here are some examples:

  • How Much Does a Kicthen Cabinet Refacing Cost?
  • 7 Easy Ways to Get Beautiful Laminate for Your Kitchen Cabinets
  • 18 Kitchen Cabinet Designs That Will Make You Look Like a Millionaire

Step #3 – Turn the titles into content

The easiest way to do this is to write an effective blog post for each of the titles you created. You may also want to create specific pages on your website where you answer such questions, but blogging them will do.

In fact, business who blog have 6.9 times as much traffic as those who don’t, AND it is the cheapest form of marketing there is!

Step #4 – Publishing the content

So you know which keywords you are after, and you know that you need to publish your content, but what you probably don’t know is that you need to change the URL of that content.

So instead of saying www.mybusiness.com/18-Kitchen-Cabinet-Designs-That-Will-Make-You-Look-Like-a-Millionaire

You should have www.mybusiness.com/kitchen-cabinet-design

This will improve your ranking for that particular search terms and all those related to it.

Step #5 – Do this on a continuous basis

I would recommend doing this twice per week, but sometimes it isn’t possible. As long as you stick to a minimum of once per week, then Google will reward you – handsomely!

You will realize that people start finding you in the search engines for a whole plethora of search terms you never knew existed. Anyone that wants to do research or find out about a particular product will come across your website, and not your competitor.

Is this really an effective marketing tool?

Bright Fire – Increased revenue by 70% by promoting their blog posts.

Element Three – Increased revenue by 100%, and average client spend by 91%.

Weed Pro – Increased revenue by 230%, and increased lead volume by 100%.

AdEspresso – Increased organic traffic by 203.5% in just 90 days.

Easy Living Homes – Increased traffic by 77% in 3 months

ImYourBiz (that’s me!) – increased traffic by 400%+

More proof…

Blogging drives 3 times the number of leads, because your content lasts forever. Paid advertising only lasts for as long as you pay for it.

3 times more leads


The graph below shows a study that was conducted on websites who blog regularly. The dark blue represents an aggressive strategy and the light blue represents a less aggressive startegy. After 18 months even the smaller websites start getting 10,000+ visitors per month.

That kind of traffic easily means revenue in the millions if you sell higher value products like cabinets or other construction services.

amount of traffic


And you don’t require a budget…

So there you have it… again! Best of all, if you write the content then it can be done on a zero budget. Even some of your staff members will be twiddling their thumbs from time to time – ask them to do it when no customers are around.

If you need some more help with this, then just give me a call. I would be happy to give you a free consultation on what to do and how to implement it. Just give me a call on 602-910-5929.

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