Why Write a Blog Post? What’s the point?

As I am writing, the very words you are reading, I am wondering – what the hell is the point?

5 Reasons why you shouldn’t write a blog post

  1. It is time consuming
  2. No one is reading it
  3. You don’t know what to write
  4. It takes away from other valuable marketing mediums
  5. Nobody reads these days!

All of these things are true. To be honest, if I didn’t have to blog I certainly wouldn’t. So why do I? Why do I write 2-3 blog posts every single week?

Here are 3 key reasons:

Reason #1 – Google

The most important reason I blog is because of Government Google, or the big GG. Google requires content – and lots of it. Every blog post is counted as another page. The more pages you have, the more Google trusts your site – only if you have fresh and unique content though.

There are tons of studies which show that blogging increases traffic to your website.

Active Blogs Draw More Traffic from Google

Every page on your website also points to your homepage and other important landing pages where you probably sell your products or have an opt in. Therefore, every time you write a blog post, you have another high authority link pointing to the rest of your website.

So the more blog posts you have, the more traffic you will get from the search engines.

More blog posts gives you more traffic

Summary: you have more authority, more content to be found for, and more internal linking.

Reason #2 – Position yourself as an expert

Your blog can be a great way to give your customers a reason to trust you. I am assuming that you are giving your customers something they want. However, how can they trust that you are the best person for the job?

If I have 40 blog posts about a certain subject, and in those posts I give value, it is going to act as a social proof. It has the same effect as a testimonial from a client. Imagine someone asking you, “What do you know about this?” and you say “Well, here are 30,000 words I know on this particular subject.” Boom!

I always use my blog posts to answer questions my clients might have. Here is an example. I bet my bottom dollar that you have been told to utilize social media marketing. Most of my clients ask me how they can use social media to move thier businesses forward – so I send them to this article: Why Social Media Marketing Does Not Work for Small Businesses.

Problem solved! They immediately consider me an expert on the subject and will listen to my advice.

Reason #3 – Sharing is caring

Your blog has the ability to return visitors to your website – it is called ‘readership’. By having a core following of your blog posts, you will constantly have people sharing your content. They attract new visitors and brag about your stuff to everyone.

Have you ever debated something with a friend and then said, “Well I read this article on XXX that this is what really happens”?

It is probably more likely that they would just share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. But you get the point. People will keep returning to your website to get the inside scoop you have been giving them.

Not only that. Websites with an active blog atract 97% more inbound links. More links = more Google juice.

More links for blogging


Why other bloggers will share your conent

In order to come up with continously fresh content, I read tons of blogs. This gives me access to insights and research which I know will help my readers and customers. When I blog about that topic or research I will link to that particular article.

The same is true for other bloggers. If I push out high quality content, then I will attract more links to my blog.

There are so many more reasons for writing a blog post that have to do with internal marketing techniques and whatnot, but those are the three reasons why I write blog posts.

Like I said, my main motivation is the ‘Google’ effect blogging has. It really does increase organic traffic which lasts for years.

What effective has writing a blog had for my business?

When I first launched this website back in November 2012, Google wouldn’t even give me a the time of day. I got zero visits, besides the ones from my friends and family, and no one knew who I was.

Fast forward a few weeks and I got to the top of Google for about 4 different keywords, but they didn’t stick around too long. They dropped again.

As soon as I got to about 20 blog posts, then things really started to heat up. My organic traffic got to about 100 visitors per month (pathetic I know), but it was a massive improvement from nothing.

As of writing this post, more than 70% of all my traffic comes from my blog, and my traffic is well in the thousands. I keep seeing more and more traffic coming to my website every single month. In fact, you probably came to this very article through Google.

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