Business Blogging: Do We Really Need It?

Yesterday I wrote a post on Blogging Like a Boss and I realized something. How do I even know that a blog is worth it? Do we really need blogs? What value do they add to our business and our brand?

I know the answers to those questions, but do other business owners? It seems obvious to put your efforts elsewhere and leave blogging to your silly competitors. It can be a tedious job for sure. Why would you spend an hour to write a great blog post when you could be soliciting clients? Wouldn’t a cold call be more worth it? How about using all the money you spend blogging, on advertising and promotions?

4 Reasons Why Your Business Has to Blog

You have to remember that these kinds of questions surround every business decision you ever make. Should I allocate my money differently? Here are four reasons why business blogging is absolutely essential to your online operations.

#1 – Google loves it

There is no doubt that Google loves fresh and unique content on a consistent basis. It helps with you overall Panda score.

I am the expert, just look at my blog

Panda Score X Your Backlinks = your Google rank

Therefore if you Panda Score increases by just a small amount, it will magnify the effect your backlinks have on your website. Employing all the techniques of improving your Panda score is another article for another day, but blogging consistently, is the easiest way to improve it and keep it high.

#2 – Positions you as an expert

The fact that Google demands a blog is reason enough to indulge. However, business blogging has some measurable added benefits. Visitors to your website will see you as an expert at your field. If a visitor needs proof that you know what you are talking about, and they find 20 blog posts on the subject matter at hand, then they will assume you know more than a guy who simply says “trust me…”

#3 – External attentions

I once wrote a blog post titled The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your Products, and in this post I referenced another blog post and other websites with really good content. Likewise, other website owners might come onto my site and send their visitors to me. This happens more often than you think. I was once featured on Social Media Today, because of a blog post I wrote on a Facebook cover page. My post was read by over 500 people who previously had no idea I ever existed.

#4 – Readership

Your business blog is an incredible way to get return visitors to your website. A lot of the time I send out an email to all of my previous clients which simply tells them what’s on my blog. I now have a small following of readers.

This is more important (and useful) than you might think. Let’s say you have an announcement to make about a new discount. You can plaster it all over Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, but none will be as impactful as putting it on your blog. You will have their attention, you can add more detail, you can add a large number of graphics, and incredible call to actions. If these kind of announcements are the only thing you ever put on your blog no one is going to read it. However, if you blog consistently about topics that help your readers, then every now and then you can make an announcement and people will read it.

There we go

So there you are. A business blog is essential to your online presence. I didn’t even mention the dozens of other small improvements it makes to your image and your bottom line. Best of all – blogging isn’t actually that expensive so the RIO is enormous.

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