DIY SEO: Do It Yourself SEO

A lot of businesses out there are just starting out and they know they need online marketing, but have no fricken idea where to start with DIY SEO.

“There are too many players offering too many things at very difference pricing points.”

This is exactly why I have decided to figure out how to do everything for myself. I can do awesome videos, graphics, websites, and DIY SEO. However, a lot of the things that I do took me a very long time to learn and I have developed a certain level of sophistication with them. Not everyone has time to do this of course, but there are loads of things you can do that are easy and not time consuming – and they work!

DIY (Do it yourself) SEO

I think I am going to be cheeky and coin this list of things ‘High DIY Efficiency Things’.  In this article I am going to reveal a couple of tricks you can employ to improve your SEO which are very easy to implement. Remember, these are practical steps you can take so pay attention.

DIY SEO Tip #1 – Make your website relevant to Google

You would be amazed about how much your search rankings will improve by employing some simple on-page optimization tricks.

No. 1 – Go to or iWriter and get articles written up about the keywords you are targeting. Then simply add them to the bottom of the pages which are already targeting those keywords.

No. 2 – Use a ‘read more revealer tab’ on your homepage (like I have done for and add about 400-500 words about 3 major keywords.

No. 3 – Ensure that all the title tags and descriptions contain the keywords you want to target on the page.

Since most websites are incredibly thin on content Google will almost instantly reward you with higher rankings.

DIY SEO Tip #2 – Monitor how people come to your site and act on it

I use a cool little service called Hittail. It is extremely cheap, but very worth it! They monitor where people found you in Google and what they typed in the search box. Then they give you suggestions on what keywords would be the most efficient to target. It is easier to move up the rankings for keywords you already rank for, but might not be explicitly targeting.

In terms of acting on it, you can either find out which page Hittail is referring to and putting an article about that keyword at the bottom of the page (refer to DIY SEO tip #1) or add a blog post about that particular keyword i.e. if Hittail tells you to target ‘green building’ then you should write an article about green building. Simple!

DIY SEO Tip #3 – An easy and cheap way to build links

The problem with building these cheap links is that you need to be extra careful about a couple of ‘not so simple’ things. i.e. anchor text distribution and deep linking. I’m not going to go into massive amounts of detail about these two, but basically you want to use variations of your keywords and spread them throughout your website. Don’t just use the same keyword and point it to the same site.

Full disclosure – I don’t use any of the link building service I am about to give you. What I do is more time consuming, effective, and permanent. It is not easy and not quick to learn. These, however, are quick fixes that will boost you in the rankings up to a point. Since this is an SEO DIY guide I decided with these, because they are easy to implement and not expensive. I have used them in the past for a couple of things to test them out and combined with the first 2 DIY tips and I saw some significant improvements. – These guys are awesome. They allow you to do the anchor text distribution automatically, which means that you don’t have to do it on the other service I am going to recommend. Make sure you use up all 20 slots they give you, with different pages, which will take care of your ‘deep linking’ requirement. – This is where you go to get some high quality links. They are more expensive that Wiki Whirlwind of course, so choose their lowest package and build links to you best pages with the most relevant content to your keywords.

DIY SEO Tip #4 – Consistency

What wins out in this game is consistent link building and content creation. This is what really makes Google take notice. You should see an improvement in your rankings immediately by implementing the on-page stuff, but that can only last so long. Make sure that you have a system in place and stick to it.

DIY SEO Tip #5 – Rank monitoring software is a great piece of software for monitoring your rankings for specific keywords. Make sure you check it every week (you can get it to email you automatically on a weekly or monthly basis).

This is all too much… what else can I do?

Well, you can hire me to do it for you…

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