How To Get Hired In The Blogging Industry

Now that you decided on a blogging career for yourself, let’s get real. There is a science or a process to getting hired as a blogger. That said, get your cup of coffee, sit down and let’s see what the process is before you set out to launch this dynamic professional blogging career of yours.

Define Yourself

This is not rocket science. Who are you blogging to? What is your audience? Whether your blog focuses on feminine hygiene tips or simply how to survive in a male-dominated CEO world, you’ll need to steer your blog to a particular identity for yourself.

Blog sites that hire want to know what you’re about and how they can use your material. They also want to know that you have a certain level of know-how on your subject.

Naturally, they also want to know you’re worth hiring above the other hundred or so blogger applicants so know who you are as a blogger. Identify yourself: your niche, your market and your take on a particular topic. Now, that’s not so hard is it?

Hey! A Blog Would Be Nice…

By the way, now that you know what you’re about, do you know anything about setting up a blog? You’ll need to have one you know. Also, your blogging skills will need to get better depending on which platform you use.

WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal are just some of the ones used by bloggers, web hosts and blog hiring firms so be sure to know your way around and set one up–before applying for your first blogging job. Don’t wait for an employer to have to tell you about basic HTML coding.

Improve Your Writing Skills

You’ve been through this experience I’m sure: you can’t understand a thing that’s on a web page because the spelling mistakes are so many. A badly put together sentence is another torture so know your Ps and your Qs.

Brush up with some easy to understand online English usage websites first. Maybe write some short posts and give to a family member or friend to see how well they understand the article.

Stake Your Claim By Building Your Online Presence

Now the fun begins so get ready to put in a lot of time and work. A blog employer wants to be sure you’re already known on the web before he/she hires you. How you interacted or networked with other blogging sites is super important.

Usually done by posting on other writing sites, forums, guest blogging, social media or just plain writing fantastic content for others sites, build your “brand” on the web. Bloggers and readers will search for you by your particular brand or style.

Search Blog Hiring Websites

Apply for blog jobs by having ready two or three polished sample works of older blog posts. The next thing you do is have a bookmarked list in your browsers of blogging sites that hire.

Just one more thing: follow the instructions carefully and submit everything–a.s.a.p. Remember, you’re only the third hundred or so stay-at-home mom applying for the job–so don’t drag your feet!

In a nutshell, doing blogging professionally is a lot of hard work and I do mean hard. It also takes time, patience and means having thick skin. If you think you want to try it, go ahead. But remember that commitment comes along with the job description.

You’ll have to turn off that 2 pm soap opera and really get down to it, but who knows what’s in store for your future in the world of professional blogging?

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