How I Created an Awesome Video Infographic

This is going to be a short blog post about how I created the following video infographic.

Infographics have been taking over the internet and the market is becoming somewhat saturated. Since video increases engagement and the perceived value from your website, I thought it would be a good idea to create an infographic explaining why SEO is a good investment.

Step 1

I gathered information on SEO. I went to Google and I searched for SEO Statistics, SEO vs PPC etc. This only took be about an hour.

Step 2

Once I had a predefined number of statistics I had to design the graphics within the video. This is the most daunting task of all but, as always, I have a shortcut. Head over to and search for infographics. I just bought a template with lots of different charts and graphs.

Step 3

Record your voice over. You can find some incredibly cheap, yet professional, voiceovers on I just used my own voice. A good headset to use is the Platronics one which is recommended on Andy Jenkins website.

Step 4

Put the graphics in sequence with your VO within After Effects. If you don’t have AE, then simply got to and hire someone for $300 to do it for you. Give them all the files and instructions they need.

Step 5

Presto! You have an awesome infographic video.

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