How to Generate Multiple Leads From Multiple Websites

Too many choices?I once watched an amazing video on ‘The paradox of choice’.

Barry Schwartz made some incredibly interesting comments, and it inspired me to adopt a certain kind of web design structure. Guess what hombre? My websites’ conversion rates, which were already high, doubled. I should thank Barry for that.

What has that got to do with the title of this blog post?

Well, as you may have noticed, I provide several services which cater mostly to small businesses. Web design, SEO Marketing, Blogging Services etc. My website is pretty simplistic and it converts well. Simplicity wins every time. However, if I focused my website on one particular product, services, or message, wouldn’t it convert better than having information on 4 different services?

So here I am again… testing and trying to improve my own way of doing things. Here’s the theory:


A friend of mine, who is an online marketing expert, sent me this book which explained the ‘expertise’ advantage of focused messages. Here is the example:

If you hurt your back whilst skiing, and there is Doctor A who says:

“I have experience treating patients in a variety of injuries. I have been doing this for more than 20 years”.

Then there is a Doctor B who says:

“I specialize in back injuries caused by Skiing accidents. I don’t focus on anything else.”

Which doctor are you more likely to go to? The Jack of all trades? Probably not. Focusing your message to your target audience is an incredibly easy method of increasing your conversion rate.


Many people believe that choice is a good thing, but unfortunately for businesses, if we give customers too many choices, they may choose to go elsewhere. Think about it. The more choices I have, the more chances there are that I am going to make the wrong one. I also have to spend more time researching each choice before I make my final decision. So by having lots of choices you may be delaying that sale, and they will definitely come across one of your competitors whilst doing research.

Watch this video on YouTube if you don’t believe me

How to generate multiple leads from multiple websites

generating multiple leads of multiple websitesHere is what I want to do with my business. I want a different website for every service I provide, because this will give me 4 additional platforms from which I can generate my leads. Each of these platforms will target a very specific niche and have an extremely focused message. The conversion rate on each of these websites will be no less than 20%, some even 30%.

ImYourBiz is still going to be here as the mother of all these other websites. It’ll still generate leads, but the bulk of my business will come from the focused driven websites. I have already completed one website called: Small Business Web Design Company.

How you can do this with your business

So what that I am doing it for myself? How are you able to do it for your business?

It should be simple. You know your business better than anyone, so take your most successful product and create an entirely new website for it. Here are some examples

  • E-Commerce – if you sell outdoor equipment, create an entirely separate website for the socks you sell, then for the hiking gear, then for the kayaks, etc.
  • One off products – If you only sell one product i.e. a house. Then make a website for your different demographics. E.g.,, etc.
  • Trades – if you are a plumber then create several websites which focus on one kind of plumbing problem i.e. burst kitchen pipe (

I know this sounds expensive, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Once you have a constant stream of new leads coming in from one website, and it has paid for itself, hire another guy to take care of that department and generate a new source of leads. This will saturate your local market and baffle your competitors into disbelief.

I will be doing this with my business

If you don’t think this approach will work for you, then don’t do it, as simple as that. There are many other ways to generate business. You have to remember that successful companies, those guys with $10m+ per year cash in their bank account, tend to tackle all the mediums they can for their businesses. The best thing about additional websites is that their costs are incredibly low for the value they bring in. I feel it is one of the best guerilla marketing tactics out there.

Happy Easter everyone!

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