I Got To The First Page: SEO Marketing Services Online

This morning I woke up and checked my rankings within Google. As some of our clients would know, not much link building goes on during December, because all of our partners in all parts of the world are taking a little break. That is why we have plenty of submissions before the Christmas break so that the SEO marketing can continue.

So what happened this morning?

I found Imyourbiz.net/abackup ranking on page one of Google for SEO marketing services online. See the image below.

seo marketing services online


How did I do it?

Firstly, I did a keyword analysis and found myself about 30-50 keywords which I would like to target. Within those keywords lies about 4-5 low competition keywords. This is the low hanging fruit in the search engine optimization world.

Once I have identified this low hanging fruit, I hire an author (I sometimes do this myself) to write about that particular keyword. In this case I got a blog posts written specifically for SEO marketing services online. Then began building double the number of links to that blog posts using a two tier linking strategy I developed back in the summer.

4 Weeks Later

Now I am ranking at the sixth position in Google for that keyword. This keyword only gets 46 searches per month, but those are 46 very highly targeted people. If just one of them decides to sign up with me, I am looking at over $3,000 in profit over a 12 month period. Now imagine I am in the top ten for 10-20 of these low hanging fruit keywords? The cost is minimal, but the reward is enormous.

I should be careful though…

When you initially move up the rankings, your position is anything but stable. Google’s algorithm only gives you a little trial period, before decided your fate. Generally, you will bounce around a little before knowing where you are stuck for the next 4-5 weeks. Hopefully I won’t bounce around too much, because of consistent link building after my position was moved up the rankings. This is a patient man’s game.

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