They Increased Their Leads By 60% By Ignoring What The ‘Experts’ Were Saying

So we’ve all been there. We’ve all hired a web design company at some point, or read somewhere that our form on our website should be visible.

As soon as people land on your website, they should be presented with a form to ‘get a quote’ or to ‘find out more’ or to ‘get this report’. Right? Wrong!

We have found that time and time again showing people a form, long or short, does not work as well, as this simple little trick.

Below is an image of a lead generation page. It asks for basic information and it is very clear.

button vs no button

There is no confusion, there are benefit statements, they have credibility, and the form is basic. But what happened when they removed the form completely, and replaced it with a button?

button vs no button2


Well, the number of leads increased by 60% with that one single change. By having a little popup or a ‘lead box’ appear when you click on the button, they were able to get more people to fill out their form.

[symple_testimonial by=”Vendio” fade_in=”false”]Best practices are NOT always true! It’s still hard to believe, but the numbers don’t lie.[/symple_testimonial]

We do exactly the same thing here at Big Mouth Marketing:

We found that conversion rates increase between 30-150% when you use a ‘2 step opt in’.

How can you do this in your business?

Well the simplest way is to use something called ‘Lead Pages’. It is a wonderful system which allows you to create ‘lead boxes’ for any text link, image, or button.

So when someone clicks on a link. They will see it pop up with as many form fields as you want. Lead Pages isn’t free, but it will make a huge difference in your business if you use it.

To find out more about Lead Pages click here.

If you have any questions whatsoever then simply leave a comment below. :-).

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