Location Based Marketing (Infographic)

I got an email this morning from Digital Aptitude showing me this amazing Location-Based Marketing infographic. For those of you that don’t know, an infographic is a way to organize data using graphics – which makes it appealing and easy to digest for us normal people.

So what is this infographic about?

It is about the growing trend of location based marketing. You may know it as ‘mobile marketing’, because that is what people used to call it. Since then it has grown into its own field. Yay! Another online marketing medium for us to spend time and money on. Actually, it is pretty cool.

How your small business can implement location based marketing

This is a rather big topic, but I am going to do my best to give you bite sized bits. You can read a more comprehensive article on the topic here: Everything You Need to One Up Competitors with Location-based Marketing

Social Media Integration

Most agencies out there will tell you that you need a mobile app, but do you really have $10,000 to spend on an app? Didn’t think so. The best thing for a small business would be sign up up to Twitter, Facebook & Google plus. It is free and easy. Sure, it isn’t the most comprehensive social integration you could do, but it is a cheapest. I am not a fan of spending tons of money on social media when there is so much to be done within search marketing, but if you have an eCommerce shop then you can benefit greatly.

Also think about signing up to review sites with a social element like Foursquare.

Google + Local

The name Google+ always makes me think of an upgrade to the usual Google. ‘”well sire, why get the Google when you can have the Google+ upgraded version?” 

OK, moving on… This is my personal favorite. I love Google local, because your reviews show up in the searches. It also means that you will be found on local search results.

One of my SEO clients, Easy Living Homes, is right at the top of Google Local. Check it out.

Local SEO Example

Mobile Friendly Website

Even if you were to create the most incredible localized marketing campaign ever, if your website looks like the salt flats on a mobile device you have lost. Big time. You need to make sure that your website is responsive.

What is that you say? A responsive website is exactly that, responsive. In other words, it responds to the size of the device you are viewing the website on. It doesn’t matter whether it is a PC, iPad, iPhone, Droid, Kindle – whatever else there is out there. Your website should look like it was built for that device.

If you website wasn’t built by ImYourBiz, then you can check out some tools in order to make it responsive on Google’s GoMO.

What else should I do?

There are probably 14 different things you can do for localized marketing, but if you are a small business, I would just focus on one and get it right. Google+ Local is the best place to start.

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