Why We Love Google Plus (And You Should, Too!)

Does it seem like no one uses Google Plus, despite the various promises made when the platform first released? That’s how I felt for a long time, until I realized how useful it could actually be! Google Plus has advantages that Facebook and Twitter just can’t match. Here’s a few reasons I like it; you may find that you enjoy using it for the same reasons I do!


Let’s talk about circles. They’re Google Plus’ way of organizing your contacts, and it’s much more natural than just classifying everyone as friends. You have work friends, school friends, close friends, acquintences – you can split them up however you want to, and even create new circles for specific tasks. When I meet someone who helps me out with writing, I put them in the editor/publisher circle, rather than the general ‘business’ circle.


Google Plus has full integration with all of Google’s services; this makes it easy to hold chats with colleagues and coworkers while implementing Picase, Google Docs, or another Google service into the conversation. If your group primarily uses Google tools to work, then this makes Google Plus the perfect platform for communication.

Easy Deletion

Remember all the controversy over Facebook, and the fact that information remains even after deleting an account? Google Plus doesn’t have those problems. At any point, a user can delete their information and it will be gone, not stored in some long-term database somewhere. This makes it easy to leave without worrying about what happens to your data.

Browser Integration

The same way Google Plus works with Google’s services, it also works with Google Chrome – the browser integration makes it easy to stay up to date on notifications without having a dedicated window open.

Less Crowding

Let’s face it; Google Plus is a lot less populated than Facebook. While this may mean a lot of people don’t have profiles, it also means there are less senseless game requests being sent every single day from that distant aunt you only speak to at family reunions. No more Candy Crush – isn’t that reason enough to use it?

More Visibility

Google Plus is the king of search engines. It’s easy to show up in search results and spread your brand farther due to Google Authorship. Even though the program didn’t net the results Google had in mind, it still makes it easy for authors and writers to have their work linked to their accounts.

Better Security

Unlike Facebook’s overarching security settings, Google Plus allows you to easily set up individual security standards for each and every item you share. This makes it easy to keep personal content separate from certain circles, while keeping your business and hobbies separate from family-related items.

Easy Profile Setup

Google Plus makes it easy to set up your profile. It can be done in just a few minutes’ time, and there are no mandatory requirements. It even allows you to customize what shows up on your stream and what doesn’t according to your personal preferences; this is very different from Facebook, which while possessing these features, makes them immensely hard to access.

No matter what social media platform you may be using right now, consider making the switch to Google Plus! With all these awesome features, I’m amazed it hasn’t become even more popular. However, if you’re tired of seeing the same content day in and day out on Facebook, you’ll be happy to know that Google Plus has awesome content all the time from a number of different writers and providers.

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