My Super Effective Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy

If you haven’t watched the video above, then please do. It will, hopefully, explain everything in detail you need to know about my incredibly effective Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

First of all, why should you listen to me? Well, I have ranked dozens of website at the top of Google for a whole range of different keywords. Check out my SEO Marketing page for some case studies.

What do I mean by Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO)?

Being a big fat loner, I tend to differ a little in my approach to this subject. I feel that there is a big different between ‘Organic’ SEO and just plain SEO. Traditional Search Engine Optimization is far from organic. There is link building, anchor text randomization, link diversity, link building velocity… and the list goes on. I do NOT consider that to be organic.

Organic SEO is when you add content to your site, without actively building links to that content. Google simply picks up your content naturally – shock!  Building links (the correct way) helps a lot, but this article will let you in on a little known secret of mine, which doesn’t involve any link building whatsoever. Well, it isn’t a secret, but it is massively underutilized.

Step #1 – Find out where in Google people find you

There is a neat little piece of script I use to do this called Hittail. It is an incredible tool, and if used correctly, you can rank for more than 50 keywords over a 12 month period. Each keyword should only take about 2-3 weeks to rank for.

Hittail gives you suggestions based on what people are finding you for already. You see, Google is your customer, and if they reward you with a keyword ranking, you should give it more of what it wants – content about that particular keyword. Your rankings will go up and everyone will be happy.

All you have to do is check your suggestions every week. See screenshot below of one of my client’s Hittail suggestions:

Best oragnic search engine optimization strategy ever

Step #2 – Write the content

So Hittail’s awesome algorithm has told you two things: 1) Someone has found you for something in Google, 2) you are not ranking very highly for that keyword. The algorithm only spits out suggestions which have potential.  There is no point giving you a keyword which you are on page 7 for, nor is there any point writing content for a keyword on which you are already ranked no. 1 in Google.

That is what makes this so easy and effective. Just check your Hittail suggestions, and write content for them.

However, by targeting keywords that you don’t target already, you will be able to move up the rankings pretty quickly. I know that is a little confusing so here is a break down.

  1. Look at your Hittail suggestions.
  2. Find out which keywords, on your suggestions, you don’t already have specific content for.
  3. Write content (blog posts, extra page text etc.) for those keywords.

The reason this works so well, is because Google has already rewarded you without you actually targeting that specific keyword. Therefore, the theory goes, if you give Google something really specific to that keyword, your ranking will shoot up.

Let me give you an example:

I was ranking at the bottom of page 2 for the following keyword: Websites for Small Businesses.

Hittail alerted me, that someone visited my site, and popped it up as a suggestion.

I then wrote a blog post called – Money Making Websites for Small Businesses – targeting that specific keyword.

I shot up 11 spots in Google, within just 8 days.

Organic Seo

Step #3 – One keyword pulls up another

The great thing about this Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy is that it works on an exponential basis. For every keyword that gets pulled to the top of Google, another three (approximately) long tail keywords will join it on page 2 somewhere. If someone finds you for those keywords, then Hittail will add them as suggestions. If you do this once a week, which is very doable, then you will be ranking well for more than 50 keywords within 12 months. Your business will be booming and Google will keep rewarding you.

Best Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy ever? I think so!

Again, this whole strategy was a little difficult to write up, because there are a couple of moving parts to it. I would highly recommend watching the video I made.

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