Prescott Web Design Video SEO Experiment

You guys remember the article I wrote on the blog about my Video SEO experiment? If not “ go back and read To The Top of Google in 72 Hours: An Experiment.

Here is a quick recap. I am going to target specific keywords within Google to see if I can rank those videos at the top of Google. I have chosen three keywords that are relevant to my business and the first one would be Prescott Web Design.

So I already have a landing page called Prescott Web Design and then I created the following video.

I hopped, skipped, and jumped over to and submitted my video so that it can start collecting views. I then hired a bunch of micro-workers from India to like comment and favorite my video. I also started building links which were relevant to the keyword in question which is an ongoing process.

What were the results?

It has been 72 hours since the video was posted, and at the time of writing the video has 3,729 views, 235 likes, and 101 comments. This should push it to the top of Google for Prescott Web Design, and it has when you search through the videos. See screen shot below:

prescott web design video search


When I first published this blog post my video was at spot no. 37. I checked it again 8 hours later and it was at no. 1. See image below:

prescott web design google search no 1
Sometimes the searches do a little bit of a dance so I might see myself move up and down the rankings a bit. Make sure you watch this space, because once this video is at the top, I will be going after some bigger Google fish.

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