SEO Marketing Services Online

Congratulations, you’ve decided to enter the world of Internet marketing.

I’d like to tell you that customers will flock to your website and give you more business than you could handle, but I’d be lying. Unfortunately, Internet marketing has become extremely competitive, and inexperienced website owners face challenges targeting their audiences and attracting viewers. You need effective SEO marketing services online to compete for Internet dollars.

Search engine optimization not only helps customers to find your website but also targets the right customers. Dollar for dollar, SEO marketing services online make the best investments for fledgling or experienced online marketers. People who use the Web seldom search multiple pages of search engine returns—they call the top names on lists.

Strong Results Begin With Site Structure And Navigation

I will help you design your site to use keywords in the right proportion to impress search engine robots. Search engines act like rudimentary artificial intelligences or small children—they need guidance. Clear navigation, correct anchor text, proper HTML coding and relevant content help search algorithms find information more easily.

On-site SEO addresses navigation and keyword issues, and I will help you design your site in a way that propels it to the top of search engine returns. Once you have the right architecture in place, you receive business 24 hours a day.

SEO Results Depend on Relevance, Trust and Authority

Search engine robots crawl and index billions of pages, files, documents, videos and news sources. These crawlers or spiders reach billions of interconnected documents through a system of links and keywords. Once they find documents, they scan them for relevancy and assess the sites for trust and authority to determine rankings.

Some keywords are highly competitive, and ranking for them takes a long time (6-12 months). Instead, you should go after longer tail keywords with less competition. You can rank for them in a matter of weeks and they will increase targeted traffic to your website whilst you are chasing some of the more competitive keywords.

You should also pay attention to your back links—weak or spammy links could damage your online reputation. I’m your online chiropractor because I help examine and treat your backlinks (bad joke…?). If it was me I would include the following treatments to get your site in fighting shape:

  • I will create clean, easy to navigate content that search spiders can find easily.
  • Your site design must benefit the end-users instead of search engines, or you won’t get good ROI.
  • I will help you achieve greater brand awareness by promoting your products to online blogs, reviews and social media forums.
  • Each page of your site needs a clear URL that people can remember and type for direct access.
  • Linking with other websites increases your traffic, but you must choose quality links to share their trust and authority.

But then again… that’s just me.

I almost forgot about Social Media. Social media networks help to build trust and authority, promote brand awareness and allow interactive connections with your customers. You need to make sure you have a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page as a bare minimum. Take them one at a time though. I am currently building my YouTube channel with videos. After I find a nice groove there I will start a Facebook page and build on that… the same goes for Twitter. Google loves it!

At the End of the Day…

Oops, there really is no end to your day when I optimize a website for SEO. Even when you sleep, SEO efforts continue to work by attracting viewers, building lead databases and creating 24-hour sales opportunities.

Of course, I also examine the results and adjust tactics and overall strategy to meet constantly evolving consumer trends, buying habits, search algorithms and new technologies. Analytics allow me to study how viewers respond to pages, so we can target the core audience more effectively. Your competitors implement new strategies to steal your customers, so you need to stay on top of media trends and what the competition is doing.

Search engine marketing dollars provide high returns on investments, and generic searches level the playing field for smaller marketers. Investing in SEO marketing services online offers many long-term and short-term benefits for businesses, and even experienced marketers profit by using outside consultants. So don’t be afraid to make that investment.

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