Tip of the Day: Social Media Sharing

Did you know that there are free tools you can use to share anything you want over your social networking accounts?

By using Buffer you can do exactly that. Not only will it share it to both Facebook and Twitter, but it will do so at times of the day when people are the most active. It also ensures that updates are only released twice a day.

So if you add 10 updates to buffer in one day, it will automatically schedule their release over 5 days.

Why would you need this?

Firstly, it is an incredible way to share the content you are creating on your blog. Secondly, Google loves to see that your website is being active on social networks. Thirdly, it saves you both time and money.

The other cool thing about it is that you can install an extension on your browser which means you can share anything with just one click.

The only drawback is that you can’t add more than 2 social networks on the free plan. And I don’t think you can add your Google Plus account either. However, no system can do that because Google doesn’t allow it.

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