So You Have Great Content on Your Website – Now What?

Everyone loves having the answer — it’s a pretty great feeling. As a small business owner, the feeling’s especially terrific because you need your customers to look to you for help with their problems (at least the problems your business can solve!).

So you have a website and blog full of great tips and tricks about how potential customers can totally change their lives by using your product or service.

This is all well and good, but if that content isn’t translating into sales, then you have a major problem. So what to do?

Quick Tips for Content Promotion

Here are just a few ways you can quickly and easily get your content out into the world:

Social media – Figure out where your audience hangs out on the internet and go to them by creating social media accounts. Then share your content in a thoughtful, relevant way. If you sell to women, Pinterest may be the spot to promote your content.. If you sell to developers or techie types, you may want to focus your energies on Google+.

Email marketing – While online tools come and go (remember MySpace?) email is clearly here to stay. And the best thing about email marketing is that most people check their email daily. So start (ethically) gathering emails of your customers and potential customers and send them a message. The more targeted and timely you can be, the better.

Guest blogging – You’ve already demonstrated your ability to create great content, so now it’s time to leverage that ability by offering your talents to an established blogger. Research blogs in your industry, warm them up by commenting on a blog post or engaging with them on social media, then write up a pitch about why you should share some new content on their blog. With guest blogging you’ll reach a new audience who just might, in turn, come back to your website and hit the “Buy” button.

Conferences and speaking engagements – Who says the online world and the offline world shall never meet? Get to know your customers, potential customers and partners by going to conferences and meeting them in person. Bonus points if you participate in a panel or even put on your own event. Be sure to mention that there’s a lot more where that came from on your website, and attention offline can translate into pageviews online.

Press Releases – Have you done something new or noteworthy? Then amplify it by sending out a press release. Click here for tips on how to write a winning press release. Be sure to send your press release only to publications that you think will be interested in printing your news. If you write about puppy treats, for example, Forbes probably isn’t going to publish your news. New to it all? Check out Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and connect with reporters who are looking for people just like you!

How did you increase your readership? Talk to us in the comments!

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