The 17 Most Misunderstood Facts About Blogging

Myths about blogging are curious things. Despite blogging’s meteoric rise in cyberspace as an effective communication platform, many misunderstandings persist.

Blogging Is For Negative People

There is a stigma out there which says blogging is a pursuit taken up by negative people. Pay no attention to this misconception. Every approach and topic you can imagine can be found on blogs.

Bloggers Are Amateurs

A common myth about bloggers says they are failed writers or struggling businesses. In reality, bloggers are often respected writers using a new medium, or small businesses connecting to customers worldwide. Even well known news sites such as Huffington Posts are essentially blogs.

Blogs Are Never Profitable

I’m sure you have heard this myth about blogging, right? People don’t know how blogs make money, so they believe they don’t make money. However, blogs can be highly profitable using a variety of methods.

Blogs Only Profit By Selling Ads

I’ve already mentioned blogs are profitable using various methods. Certainly, selling ads can make you money if your blog has tons of traffic. There are better options such as selling merchandise, partnerships with merchandisers or membership fees.

Blogs Need A Huge Audience To Succeed

Have you heard this one? Don’t pay attention to this myth. It is far wiser to build a small but devoted audience. Learn how to maximize the potential from your audience, instead of focusing on expanding your audience.

Blogs Are Daily Commitments

Unless you are running a blog for daily horoscopes, thinking this way is unrealistic and self-defeating. It puts too much pressure on your creativity. Relax. Thoughtful blogging always trumps frequent blogging.

My Target Audience Doesn’t Read Blogs

You say your target audience doesn’t read blogs? Maybe they don’t subscribe to them as avid fans, but everyone who searches for anything online reads blogs. Much of our online search results are comprised of blog sources.

Web Traffic Data Translates To Blogging Success

Do you need impressive web traffic data to achieve blogging success? Web traffic data only becomes important if your business model depends on ad revenue. Otherwise, the data is only useful to study your audience.

Blogs Are Text Based Platforms

You don’t have to write a single article to create a compelling blog. Images, video, and sound can work just as well to communicate as a blogger. Image based sites such as Flickr, Pinterest and Tumblr are based on the blog format. Today, we live in a hyper visual world.

Blogs Need Experienced Web Designers

Even if you don’t know the first thing about designing websites, you can build a blog without professional expertise. Blog providers like WordPress give you all the tools you need to design and build your blog.

More Tags Are Better Than A Few

Tags, sometimes we call them “keywords”, work best when they are specific and limited in number. Your goal with using tags is directing internet users towards information they desire. Too many tags, or keywords, bury your blog post behind other sources online.

Blogs Don’t Need Social Media

Blogs do need social media. It’s simple. You need as many ways as possible to bring an audience to your blog plus an instant way to connect with the public. Twitter, Facebook pages, and Instagram are important extensions.

Free Sites Are A Good Way To Begin

If you are serious about your blog, go with the paid versions offered by blogging sites. Build your blog right the first time.

Number Of Comments Count

This myth about blogs relates to the myth bloggers need a huge audience. Don’t measure your blogging success by numbers of comments. People zip in and out of sites. They look briefly on mobile internet. Comments are bad indicators of life on your blog.

My Blog Will Take Off On Its Own

You have to work if you want your blog to work for you. Make connections. Cultivate your audience. Master social media, too. Most of all, deliver relevant content.

Blogging Is A Passing Trend

Is this myth still alive about blogs? Don’t be fooled by the cynicism. Blogs rule the internet.

It’s Easy To Earn Money

Some people think blogs will be their own money tree. It sits online and makes you money, right? Wrong. It takes time. Be patient.

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