The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Free Traffic

Need foolproof formulas for more traffic? These tips really work. I put a free website on page one of Google in three weeks using these tips.

Learn to Write Insanely Good Titles

No one will read posts with boring titles. People read headlines, and then decide if they want to read the article. Don’t bother posting to Facebook if you can’t write a compelling headline. You’re just wasting or your time.

Here’s two headlines targeted toward people who have a mouse problem. Which post would you read?

“Researchers Discover Certain Frequencies Annoy Mice”

“Get Rid Of Mice Forever Without Traps”

The second headline promises help, especially for people who hate using mousetraps. Solve a problem and make it sound easy.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Once you hook people with a great title, you need exceptional content. Write an article flattering a bigwig in your niche. Not too big, or they won’t care about sharing your article with friends. Larry Page from Google isn’t going to care if you mention him.

If I ran an online store selling pet supplies, I would write a post about the best three dog trainers in my area. Next, I would make sure that I send the article to each dog trainer. They would post it on their website or Facebook page, and, hopefully, their readers will come visit my site.

Be Nice and Share

Remember what your mother said about sharing? She was ahead of her time because it’s still great advice. Once you’ve written an article with an insanely good title, share it everywhere. There are plenty of places to tell the world your content besides Facebook. StumbleUpon, Google+, Reddit, Storify and Digg are good places to start. See where your traffic is coming from and concentrate on those sites.

How to Get Traffic Fast

Sign up with Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers. Search for questions in your niche. Answer questions and use your website as a reference. The people reading the questions are obviously interested in the subject. Establish yourself as an expert and watch your traffic soar.

Post on forums and include your link in your signature. Pick three or four active forums in your niche and post often. Don’t spam, you’ll get thrown out very quickly.

Make a Video

YouTube drives more traffic to site than any other social network. Making a video isn’t easy. If you have teenagers, get them to help you. Make a how-to video; they always are popular. If you sell clothes, give style tips.

If all your competitors have videos posted to YouTube, consider hiring someone to make you a professional-quality video. You need to stand out from your competition.

Study Traffic Patterns

Find out where your traffic is coming from. If you don’t have a way to measure traffic, use Google Analytics. It’s free. Whatever you do, don’t put a counter on your website. They are so tacky.

Never Buy Traffic

Finally, never buy traffic. Buy content, buy photos or custom infographics, but never buy traffic. I can’t say this enough. The 1,000 visitors companies sell are just people in foreign countries paid a penny to look at your website for 30 seconds. They will never become customers. We run over 23 tests before fully running a paid traffic campaign. So unless you have a team behind you – never buy traffic.

Use these ideas to get quality traffic. A hundred visitors who want to sign up or buy are better than a thousand visitors you tricked into coming to your website.

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