To The Top of Google in 72 Hours: An Experiment

It has been a while since I have written a blog post, which is a little bit naughty, because I should update the blog at least twice a week to keep feeding Google with fresh content. However, to make up for it I am coming out with a super-awesome experiment near the jolly Christmas time.

I have been working on a theory which should get me to the top of Google for pretty much any keyword.

This is a pretty bold statement (not just because it is written in bold), but I have to emphasize the theory bit, because that is all it is: a theory.

You guys remember that video Infographic I did and SEO marketing? I said I was going to run a viral marketing campaign for it and get 100,000s of views on YouTube? Well it worked. I got over 153,000 views within just 3 days of the campaign starting. I also got over 500 comments and 800 likes & favorites. Guess what? The video shot to the top of Google for the following keyword is SEO a good investment. I knew about this phenomenon for some time, but I never really experimented properly with it.

So I have decided that I am going to experiment the biscuit out of this theory and hopefully I will get some amazing results. This is how the experiment is going to work:

  1. I am going to create three awesome videos which target a different keyword each. I will start with a low competition keyword and they will get progressively harder.
  2. I am going to do a viral marketing campaign for each keyword and will increase the intensity as the difficulty of the keyword goes up.
  3. I will build between 100-1,000 links to each video with varied anchor texts.

They keywords

  1. Prescott Web Design with 46 monthly searches
  2. Phoenix Web Design with 1,300 monthly searches
  3. Small Business Web Design with 4,400 monthly searches.

So as you can see, each one of these keywords will go up in search volume as the experiment unfolds. They also go up in competition, especially keyword #3, which has some intense competition. You would pay over $13 per click if you wanted to get to the top with Google Adwords.

Why would my videos reach the top of Google?

Here is the theory. There are 52 times more web pages than there are videos. This makes it 52 times easier to rank a video. The videos are hosted on YouTube, which Google loves because they own it. Google also loves it, because YouTube is a high authority site, and any other links from YouTube to your video counts heavily towards your ranking. Having 100s of comments on your video makes it more relevant to the other search engines too. Imagine 800 mini blog posts all pointing to your video. Google also sees video as fresh and engaging. If they see 10,000s of people watching a video on this particular topic within 48 hours, Dr. Doodle will take notice.

Stay tuned and I will let you know what happens!

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