How Did These Two Attorneys Get A Consistent Flow Of New Clients Every Month?

Let me ask you a quick question.

Have you ever felt a little ‘stuck’ when it comes to getting more clients and truly growing your practice in a predictable fashion?

Well, if the answer is “yes” you are not alone.

And there is a reason why a lot of attorneys struggle.

At first, it seems perplexing. After all, in the U.S. people spend $703 Million PER DAY on legal services.

Yep, that is $29.2 Million per hour.

Seems like a lot.

Well, it isn’t.

There are 1.22 million attorneys in the U.S.

That means the average lawyer brings in $576.22 per day. That’s less than the Finance Manager at your local Toyota dealership.

AND you still have to pay your staff, rent, utilities etc.

So when it comes to grabbing a bigger slice of the pie, spending even more money on marketing doesn’t come easy.

Especially since there are hundreds of marketing options nowadays and you don’t have the time to test them all out.

Well, I am here to save you a hell of a lot of time AND money.

After 5,000 tests, 100,000 ads, and 1.4 million leads generated… I have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t.

And to help you out I’m going to show you what two completely different attorneys have done to get a consistent flow of new leads and cases…

The first thing you need to realize is that attorneys (a.k.a. you) are different to other businesses.

What works for the average business owner/entrepreneur does NOT work for lawyers. Period.

In fact, if you tried any of the marketing or lead generation tactics that most other businesses use they would flat out fail.

And I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Because you do not fulfil the same role as other companies.

Most businesses fulfil some kind of desire.

People have a desire to go out to dinner. It is something they WANT to do. They also have a desire for a new car… people LOVE buying cars.

They have a desire for a bigger house, a better school, and they have desire for good coffee.

Most businesses out there are easy to market. They simply have to remind the people of America about what they already want.

It doesn’t work like that for attorneys.

Nobody has a burning desire to get into a legal mess.

Nobody relishes spending money on an attorney. Well, certainly not as much as they look forward to spending money on new clothes or a flat screen TV.

So if you do not fulfil a desire. What is your purpose?

Your purpose, as a lawyer, is to solve problems. BIG AND SERIOUS PROBLEMS.

You solve some of the biggest problems people will ever face.

To you it might just be another day at the office, but to the people who hire you – it is a very big deal.

And your marketing needs to reflect that.

I call this ‘The Problem First Approach’.

And it works very well…

These are the stats for the last month for an immigration law office. They are an LA based firm.

That’s an average of 3.4 inbound leads per weekday asking to hire them.

All from a small mini-website that focuses on one problem.

Here are the stats for another attorney who is also killing it. They are an Estate Planning firm from Atlanta, GA.

In the last 2 months they pulled in 95 inbound calls from people wanting to hire them.

This isn’t too uncommon either.

After 700,000 leads, 5,000 marketing tests, and over 100,000 ads, here’s an exact guide to getting a consistent flow of new clients to your law firm.

…So that you can grow as much and as fast as you want.

If you want to skip the “how-to” and just get us to implement this for you, then schedule a 1-1 call by clicking here.

Step #1: The Leads Multiplier

Most lawyers will market themselves like this:

“Hey, I’m John Doe and I have been practicing law for 25 years. I specialize in these 17 areas”.

You and I now know that this is horribly wrong.

The hard truth is that prospects don’t really care about you. They only care about themselves and their problems.

And by focusing on that, something amazing happens.

Not only do you get more leads, you can generate 5-20 times as many as the market usually allows.

I call this the ‘Leads Multiplier’.

Here’s how it works.

Make a list of the areas of law you practice. Let’s say you do the following:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Family law
  • Guardianship
  • Probate

Each marketing campaign should only focus on one area of law. So for this example lets pick Family Law.

Then, list down all of the real problems you’ll solve.

And just like that, a single area of law has just become 4 times as powerful as before.

It pulls in leads from 4 separate angles which focus on people’s problems first instead of just one.

Now imagine doing that with every area of law.

Do you see how your marketing can be 5-20 more effective by using this approach?

Step #2: Rapidly turn visitors into prospects using this page template

Have you ever struggled to turn your online traffic into a solid lead or inbound phone call?

I bet you have. And it isn’t your fault. I literally tested 5,000 variations of landing pages to find the one that works.

This was a huge challenge because I didn’t want to test “how many” leads the page generated, but rather “how much revenue” each page produced.

So we tracked and tagged every user into a CRM and measured the results.

5,000 variations later we have 3 templates that outperform all others by a huge margin.

Below is an outline of one of them:

We typically see a 700% increase in the number of leads from this landing page than from a typical attorney website.

That’s why my team has created a bunch of these templates ready to deploy.

Can you guess what should be on that page?

I’ll give you a second.

Yep, you need to let them know that you will solve their problem.

The landing page itself should only focus on one problem.

IMPORTANT: Even though this is a high converting landing page, 80-90% of the visitors will still say “no” to your offer to help them. You need to use a very specific piece of content to get them back. More on that in a minute.

If you’d like my team to implement this for you then schedule a 1-1 appointment here.

Step #3: Find your perfect prospects

Now that you have a way to capture leads with a highly effective ‘problem first’ approach, you need to find people with that problem.

Remember, your landing page and angle is going to be infinitely more effective than anything else in this market.

So you can afford to buy traffic, knowing that every $1 you put in will bring back $20 in clients.

All you have to do is put your new landing page in front of the right people with the right problem.

Luckily there is a place people go to search for answers to pressing problems they face.

And it is called Google.

I know… I know…

You’ve probably tried Google before and it was either too expensive or it didn’t work.

Yet, I bet you’ve never tried Google ads using this meticulous approach before. You can literally write your own ticket and grow your firm as big as you want it to be.

Let’s pretend I got a DUI and went to Google to look for a solution to this problem I have.

I came across these two ads. Have a look at the first one:


What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, the top one is what most lawyers do (a.k.a. your competition).

It states “Criminal Defense Attorney: Get Aggressive Representation. Available 24/7 – Free Consultation.”

Firstly, I am not looking for a criminal defense attorney. I am looking for someone to help me with my DUI.

Remember, as a consumer I am only interested in myself and I cannot see past my own problems.

The ad that is crystal clear, when it comes to my problem, is the one that is going to get my attention.

There are a few more issues with that ad, but that’s the biggest.

Now, lets have a look at this ad:

Firstly, it speaks to the problem I am having.

“I have a DUI and this is a DUI attorney. Great!”

Never underestimate the power of specificity.

Even though a criminal attorney deals with DUIs, don’t assume that the prospect knows this.

The next part of the ad is even better: “Former Prosecutor Specializes In DUI Defense. Free Consultation.”

That implies that this guy knows how people get out of DUIs. He’s a specialist and a former prosecutor – he knows all the tricks.

Do you see how this will put the web visitor at ease?

Remember, even though you’ve done all of the right things, the majority of people still won’t become a lead.

That’s because people like putting stuff off. In the next section I am going to show you how to get the people back who initially say “no”.

Quick tip: The best placement for your Google ad is spot number 3. With good copy, and by focusing on a ‘problem first’ approach, you can get the same number of clicks as spot #1, yet pay MUCH less for them.


Step #4: 80-90% will say “No”: Here’s how to get them back

This is one trick that I don’t see anybody using. I was even contemplating on whether or not I should include it – it is that powerful.

Smart marketers and the lawyers who hire them will do the things I have mentioned in this article.

And they will gain huge success because of it. After all, only 0.1% of lawyers actually implement the stuff I’ve been talking about.

Yet, there is one more thing you could do to surpass even them.

Just imagine being the lawyer that has a consistent lead flow of paying customers who love and respect you.

It’ll be pretty great, right?

Well, simply copy this approach.

Once somebody visits Google and searches “I am looking for a [blank] lawyer” and they click on your ad, you know that they want and need a lawyer.

Why else would they stop binge watching Netflix to search for something that they have no real desire for?

Bingo! They have a problem that needs solving. And Google was their answer.

Just because the user doesn’t respond to the “sales pitch” in your ad doesn’t mean they don’t need a lawyer.

It simply means they need to wait a little bit.

They either got distracted or they get nervous talking to a lawyer (this is actually the #1 reason for a delayed inquiry).

In the past you would have paid for that click and lost them forever. By the time they feel like contacting you again they have forgotten who you are.

Instead they will go on the recommendation of a friend.

So here’s what you do to make sure that never happens.

Now that you know that person is interested in finding a lawyer, and you know they are on the fence, you can send them something a little different.

When they visit your landing page you can ‘tag’ their browser.

This allows you to place ads in front of them throughout the next few weeks.

Have you ever been followed by those annoying retargeting ads after you have visited someone’s website?

Yeah, I hate them too.

This is like that, but instead of annoying them with ads, we’re going to smack them in the face with information that helps to alleviate the problem they are facing.

We’re going to do this by posting an article in their Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s a quick example.

I go to Google and type in “I need a DUI attorney”.

I get cold feet for some reason and decide to watch cat videos on Facebook.

Next thing I see is this: “4 Crucial Things You Must Do To Get Out Of A DUI”.

It is an article in my Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s an actual example of one popping in my newsfeed:

Imagine you just got a DUI and that popped up on your favorite website?

Would you click on it?


This brings people back to your website… not in the form of a sales pitch, but as a problem solving article. I call these “Passive Return Agents”.

Now imagine you hit someone with a new article every single week.

When they finally give in and are ready to call a lawyer, who do you think they are going to call?

A DUI is a fairly urgent thing. A client can’t put it off too long. So one article should do.

But what about a divorce case?

People can dither about whether or not they should get in touch with you for months.

You can push out helpful articles to them every single week for 6 months.

That literally gives you 26 more opportunities than you would have had before.

That increases the odds of you getting their case 26 times.

Powerful stuff, right?


Even though this is a very powerful marketing tool, there is one HUGE problem with this strategy.

Usually the article page the prospect gets sent to is not optimized for conversions.

This is actually an industry-wide problem. For some reason the average lawyer has a massive ego about what they want on their website.

And it is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business each year.

A badly laid out website actually attracts lower end prospects and deters the people with money that you truly want.

So let’s fix that.

You could always just get us to do all of this for you. Click here for a 1-1 appointment.

Step #5: Your website should look like this

I don’t care how much you’ve already spent on your website.

If it isn’t working you need to change it, and change it quickly.

Your website is an asset that should be providing you with a steady return on your investment.

And unfortunately the worst place to find a return on your website are from web designers.

Traditional web designers are notoriously bad at creating websites that turn visitors into cash.

And it really isn’t their fault. Attorneys usually tell them exactly what they want…

Then the web designer gives it to them. Unfortunately that usually means it sucks (from a ROI point of view).

You see, “a fool represents themselves in court”.

Just like you wouldn’t recommend someone to represent themselves in court, you shouldn’t dictate what goes on your website.

Here are three things you should add to your website right away.

  1. The “hello bar”

This is a bar that runs across the top or bottom of your website. It is on every page and it makes it super easy for people to become a lead.

  1. The sidebar

This is a very simple call to action box on the side of your content.

Every single page of your website should contain this box. The written copy in the box should ‘future pace’ your prospect. That means you should let them know how hassle free their life might be if they hire you.

  1. The lead box (2 step opt in)

When someone clicks on one of those buttons, this simple box makes it super easy to become a lead.

Your blog should also be clear and very simple.

Give them a helpful article, and then get them to schedule a consultation with an easy call to action.

Step #6: Building your law practice with Campaign Stacking

Once you have done all of this you’ll be getting a steady stream of leads into your law practice.

For every $1 you put into buying traffic, it should bring back $2+. In some cases we see a huge return in a very short period.

One lawyer got a big divorce case in their first week and pulled in $225,000. That money would have gone to someone else if they didn’t follow these simple instructions.

Now that you have momentum you’re going to want to capitalize on it.

Remember, you’ve only got leads coming in for one area of law.

You can set up new campaigns and sales funnels for each area of law – giving you a well oiled machine.

You can even expand this to other geographical locations if you want.

Or you could hire another attorney that focusses on other areas of the law.

It is actually fairly simple to grow into one of those cash rich law firms you see in the movies.

You just have to bite the bullet and get started.

Step #7: You only have two choices

At this point you now have two choices.

Choice #1: Take what I have given you and attempt to do this by yourself.

You’ll struggle, for sure, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

It might take you a few months or maybe even a year, but in the end you will be happy.

Or you can take choice #2… the choice smart lawyers take.

You can simply let me take care of everything.

I’ll deploy the whole campaign for you.

You’ll get one of my landing page templates, the exact changes you need to make to your website, and a done4you traffic campaign.

We’ll even record your phone calls and show you exactly what to say to double or even triple your closing ratio.

Can you imagine never having to worry about where the next client is going to come from?

And one day when you want to sell your law firm, you’d be able to retire much sooner than you expected since it is such a well oiled client getting machine.

I only say this because I have seen it happen.

So if you are ready to let someone help you grow your law firm, then click here to schedule your 1-1 appointment with me.

Some more case studies:

Here are a couple more stats for you to look at:

So, if you’d like to join the ranks of lawyers who are consistently getting new clients then click here and book a 1-1 appointment.

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