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Home - computerA web design case study is usually very boring. Some techie idiot will explain what he has done and how this ‘new kind of coding’ the way to go.

“Thank you very much – but I just want to see your website.”

 Therefore I created the following web design case studies which are upbeat, short, and sweet.

Web Design Case Study Break Down

Did you like the videos? I have been meaning to make videos for all of the websites I have completed, but it is one of those projects that just get put on the back burner. Then it got me thinking – how much business am I missing out on by not including video case studies on my website?

My whole philosophy in web design is ‘to make things as easy as possible on the user’. That has allowed to me to create incredibly effective lead generating websites. Let’s be honest – how much easier is it to sit there and watch 60 second videos?

Don’t ask me to read, click, or take any action

In trying to convince a user to use your product or service you have to ask as little of them as possible. If you can entertain them at the same time, then you have hit a home run.

Whether my web design case study videos are super entertaining is another matter, but they are certainly more entertaining than simple images and text. The only problem (not really a major problem) is that I only have videos for three of the websites I have done.

I have tried to display them prominently on my Web Design page. As you can see PrescottBuilder.com is massive – and the other two are sitting neatly to the right of it.

Case study dos and don’ts

I always feel that simplicity overrules flashiness. However, you do need some sizzle in order to keep the viewer’s attention. In today’s world that is a commodity in short supply.

  • Keep it short – Under 2 minutes if possible.
  • Keep it light and informal – People hate watching stupid corporate style introductions.
  • Keep it to the point – don’t ramble on about something you shouldn’t.
  • Don’t talk to too much – the less you talk the better. People hate listening to someone drone on and on. That is why less people are watching the factual news and tuning in to those ‘opinionated news’ channels.
  • Don’t get technical – people don’t care how you did it, they just care about what you can do for them.
What did you think of my web design case study videos?

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