Where Are All the Good Arizona Web Design Companies?

Arizona’s economy is picking up again and businesses are starting to invest, but where are all the good Arizona web design companies?

That is a great question to ask. When I moved from London to this little sunny corner of the world I was taken aback by the terrible quality of web design companies here in Arizona. One after the other looked like they were created in the 1990s during the dotcom bubble.

In this article I am going to give you the rare few Arizona web design companies that cut the mustard – delicious mustard. I had to look through 30+ websites before finding just 3 that were good enough to even consider.

Of course, ImYourBiz gives you the most in terms of quality AND affordability, but there is no point in just reviewing myself.

Here are some examples of the worst web design companies:



Bang web design



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As you can see they all have several things in common. Their websites are narrow, old fashioned, and full of text. Their forms are lengthy and you don’t EVER know where to click.

The graphics are all over the place and they don’t seem to have any 21st century web features i.e. lightboxes, one page portfolios, updated blogs etc. Those are all things that can improve a user’s experience and any web design company should know how to use them.

Three Good Arizona Web Design Companies

#1 – Epic Web Solutions

Epic Web Solutions

The first one on my list is EpicWebAZ.com. These guys clearly know how to cater for small businesses when it comes to design. Some of their websites are incredibly beautiful. I don’t know what they charge, but they certainly are one of the better web design companies in Arizona.

They really seem to grasp the need for simplicity. It is always hard for a company that offers multiple services, but they seem to do a decent job of it.

#2 – Task Crate Web Design

Task Crate Web Design

Let’s move onto TaskCrate.com. I don’t like them as much as Epic Web Solutions, but they seem to do a decent job of their client’s websites. I do think they can do a little more with their own portfolio though  They only have 6 examples, which would be OK, if they had videos or tons of pictures, but they don’t.

Their graphics are smooth and I love their use of Java Script for the ‘Contact Us’ page. Definitely worth getting a quote from these guys.

#3 – Tension Design


I found these guys after going through another 19 crap Arizona web design companies. TensionDesign.com have a very nice logo and their client designs, again, are very good. I don’t really like their homepage, but that is just personal preference, it has nothing to do with their design capability.

They are the only guys out there with a price on their website. The minimum cost is $3,999 and I don’t know if that comes with a blog.


I thought I would leave my company until last. Of course I am going to say that I am the best, but there are several reasons for that.

  1. We charge less than half of what these other guys charge.
  2. Your websites will be of the highest quality in the world – yes I said WORLD!
  3. You get an all-in-one package – there are no extra fees in order to make your website ‘mobile friendly’ ‘with a blog’ ‘content creation’ etc.
  4. Your website will convert visitors into prospect at an alarming rate – yep, our clients see 5 fold increases in their online inquiries quite often.
  5. You will speak to a fellow business owner – not some technology boffin who doesn’t understand your needs.
  6. You get a host of other benefits including: free hosting for 6 months, free backups, free Cloudflare protection setup, free Analytics reports, etc.
What would I do?

Well, if you are thinking about hiring an Arizona web design company then I would get a quote from every single one of the websites mentioned in the ‘Good’ section, including ImYourBiz. Once you have all the facts and figures in front of you, you will be able to make an informed decision. No doubt you will choose us – hehe.

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