Where Will Facebook Be 1 Year From Now?

People wonder aloud all the time about where Facebook will be in a year. We are all waiting around for Facebook to fall on its face and become obsolete like MySpace. The problem with that is that Facebook is not going anywhere. Where is Facebook going in the next year? I have some ideas.

They’ll Fix Messenger

When the Messenger app was torched in the press for having odd permissions for users, many people deleted the app. Facebook needs to find a way to get these people back, and they are likely already coming up with terms and conditions for the app that are much better for consumers. We will see a great news story about how Facebook fixed the Messenger app, and people will download the app again.

They’ll Get Rid Of News Or Fix It

The trending news stories that you see when you log on to Facebook are annoying to many people. There are many times when people simply share the articles they find somewhere else. It’s annoying to read stories you do not care about, and it is even more annoying to know you cannot get rid of them.

I think it is only a matter time before Facebook allows you to get rid of the trending stories or give you a chance to make them go away. A simple change to your settings will likely allow you to make the trending news go away if you do not care about it.

They Will Get Richer

Facebook is going to come up with more ways to make money. They are going to hear a million news stories about how they are going to charge people to use the service, but they are going to have even more money to spend on their service. I do not think we are ever going to have to pay to use the service, but I can understand if you are nervous about it. Just remember how popular Facebook is, how much money they have, how good they are at making money and how sensitive they are to popular opinion. They know most of us would leave if we had to pay to use the site, and they know they would dig their own grave with such a move.

The Games Will Get Bigger

I see more and more games for Facebook every day. There are so many games I have never even heard of, but I know that there is no way that they will run out of game ideas. Facebook was already the site people checked when they were bored, but now Facebook is the site we can all use to play games when we are bored.

You will have more than enough games to play, and you will have them all synced to your Facebook account. Also, you will be able to download these games to your phone so that you are always connected to Facebook.

A Super Bowl Ad

I think Facebook is going to blow up the Super Bowl this year with an ad that will rank among the best ads of all time. Facebook needs the free press, we all want to see an awesome commercial and they will deliver. Keep your eyes peeled for a commercial from Facebook that you will be able to tell your grandkids about.

Where will Facebook be in a year? Your guess is as good as mine.

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