Why I Redesigned My Website

After many late nights and long hours I have finished redesigned my website.

I recently came across a great article which gave me some inspiration. I usually hate inspiration, because it means more work, but since when can you be inspired to do less as a small business owner? Almost never!

3 Reasons Why My Website Didn’t Work

Reason #1 – Focus

My previous website was done in a rush, because it was hacked and I need something quick. I kept everything simple, but simplicity isn’t always the answer, especially when there isn’t really a flow to the website.

Sometimes introducing an additional step, or page, is just what you need to improve the users experience enough to increase your conversion rate.

My old site was focusing on everything that I can possibly do for my clients. Web design, SEO Marketing, Video Design, Blogging etc.

But who is going to come onto my website and consider me an expert for small businesses in all these fields? Zeke Camusio made an excellent point in his book, that being specific and focused in your business will result in more leads.

Think about it. If you broke your leg – would you like to go to a Doctor that spent his entire career fixing broken legs, or do you want to go to the doctor who deals with backs, colds, kids, feet, stomach pains, skin irritations… oh yeah – and they can fix you leg?

Reason #2 – Lacking good content

Now that I wanted to focus my website more towards web design for small businesses, I really needed to give people a reason to trust me. For that, I needed much better content.

Most of my clients are skeptical at first, and so they should be, because they get dozens of emails and calls per week offering them all sorts of online services. So why on earth should they trust me?

So I decided to revamp my portfolio – in a big way! I added some social proof, and within the different web design case studies, I added a human element to it.

Instead of just showing a picture of the website, I decided to show what the websites look like on different devices. After all, that is going to be their product in action. Who cares what a screenshot looks like? I want to know it will really look like.

About a week ago I went to meet with a small business owner and his main objection was that ‘he didn’t know what he was going to get’. You’d be surprised about how many times I get told this. And it is true. Business owners don’t always know exactly what they want when it comes to their website, and therefore don’t exactly know what they are going to get.

So I decided to show them, as best I can, what they are going to get. I created a brand new features page, which has tons of information on it. It is important to remember that when you have TONS of information, you need to organize it in a way which doesn’t scare them off when visitors land on it.

Reason #3 – Graphics

Graphics are what make a website stand out from the crowd. It is true – there are a lot of ugly websites out there with no graphics that make millions (or billions). Just look at Google and Craigslist.

However, graphics are a great way to display your product and give your website that ‘Apple’ feel. After all, looks and graphics might play a part in why Apple is so much bigger than Google and Microsoft.

Designing and changing out the graphics for the whole site would have been such a big task that I might as well redesign the whole thing and fix everything.

Now I have a shiny new site with a shiny new potential!

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